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 Translation for 'Md' from English to Russian
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менделевий {м} <Md>
mendelevium <Md>
Молдавия {ж}
Moldova <.md>
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Translation for 'Md' from English to Russian

mendelevium <Md>
менделевий {м} <Md>хим.
Moldova <.md>
Молдавия {ж}геогр.
  • менделевий {м} <Md> = mendelevium <Md>
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Usage Examples English
  • Beginning in 1965, Romania also produced the Pistol Mitralieră model 1965 (abbreviated PM md. 65 or simply md. 65), which is an md. 63 with a folding stock.
  • The RPK version of the md. 86 is called the md. 93.
  • Rock permeability is usually expressed in millidarcys (md) because rocks hosting hydrocarbon or water accumulations typically exhibit permeability ranging from 5 to 500 md.
  • Hearing in the case over Uddin's parliamentary seat began on 19 June 2016 under justices Md Emdadul Huq and Md Iqbal Kabir who deferred the verdict.
  • and domains. MD-CERT is the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) run by RENAM.

  •, expanded to Transdniestria. launches the first online platform for manufacturers and sportswear, Sporter Market.Point Map cartographers have added detailed maps for all the district centers in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Maryland Route 244 (MD 244) is a state highway in the U.S.
  • The mono software has a client-server architecture: users connect to the "mono" client, which in turn communicates with a number of server applications such as "md.serv" (the overarching controller), "" (the Talker daemon) and "md.file" (the u2u delivery daemon).
  • Son: Edward Alexander Welsh md (married) Sarah Gaines: Grandson: Robert Alexander Welsh md Judith Barr: Great Grandson: John Robert Welsh md Anne Elizabeth Heggerty: 2nd Great Grandson: William Patrick Welsh md Johanna Cloughlan: 3rd Great Grandson Michael Patrick Welsh md Mary Ann Dunn.
  • ...;;;;; will continue their activity.

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