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 Translation for 'Mn' from English to Russian
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марганец {м} <Mn>
manganese <Mn>
миллиньютон {м} <мН>
millinewton <mN>
Монголия {ж}
Mongolia <.mn>
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Translation for 'Mn' from English to Russian

manganese <Mn>
марганец {м} <Mn>хим.
millinewton <mN>
миллиньютон {м} <мН>един.физ.
Mongolia <.mn>
Монголия {ж}геогр.
  • марганец {м} <Mn> = manganese <Mn>
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Usage Examples English
  • 75 mn cubic meters of water as active storage, and 1.03 mn cubic meters as extended storage.
  • The quantity "mn" stands for the number of times each of the single-particle states "n" appears in the "N"-particle state.
  • After her son Pepi came to the throne, Ankhesenpepi added the titles "Mother of the Dual King Men-ankh-Neferkare" (mwt-niswt-biti-mn-kh`-nfr-k3-r`), "King’s Mother of Men-ankh-Neferkare" (mwt-niswt- mn-kh`-nfr-k3-r`), and "King’s Mother" (mwt-niswt).
  • On May 15, 2020, ANC stopped its simulcast with TeleRadyo and it was replaced by the replay episodes of "Todo-Todo Walang Preno" (from 11:00 pm to 12:00 mn), "Good Vibes" (from 12:00 mn to 1:00 am), "Failon Ngayon" (from 1:00 am to 3:00 am), and "Lingkod Kapamilya" (from 3:00 am to 5:30 am).
  • The number of distinct "m"-by-"n" binary matrices is equal to 2"mn", and is thus finite.

  • On June 5, 2007, the "Star Tribune" changed course and announced Lileks would serve as editor of, a community website. ceased publication of new content in July 2009.
  • .MN Registry signed the .mn zone with DNSSEC on 18 November 2010.
  • 63 mn (Exports US$8.94 mn, Imports US$0.69 mn). During 2011–12, bilateral trade reached US$8 million (India's exports were US$7.5 mn and imports were US$0.5 mn).
  • In 2016 Haidy released her first single "Noa'ta w mn awl elstr".
  • Meaning the square of "mn" can be found by adding "n" to "mn", multiplied by "m", adding 0 to the end and finally adding the square of "n".

  • In February 2011 HMS Group completed an initial public offering of global depositary receipts (GDRs) on the London Stock Exchange, resulted in an aggregate gross proceeds of US$360 mn and a post-IPO equity value for the Company of US$967 mn.
  • She had declared assets of 41 crores (US$10 mn) in the 2009 election declarations. She declared assets of 42 crores (US$10+ mn) in the 2014 election declarations.
  • In November 2001 Theimer was named Choir Director of the Year by Minnesota American Choral Directors Association (ACDA-MN).
  • One cartouche uses the bowstring hieroglyph and states his name: "A-mn-Rudj–A-mn-Mer", and is approximately: "Amun's Strength—Amun's Beloved".
  • Structured improvisation for interactive-electronics and ensemble; duration: 8 minutes. First performance: 2 October 2013, Fifth Column, St. Cloud, MN.

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