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NOUN   Modern Greek | -
SYNO Modern Greek | New Greek
новогреческий язык {м}
Modern Greek
греческий язык {м}
греческий {adj}Greek
грек {м}Greek
древнегреческий {adj}ancient Greek
гречанка {ж}Greek [female]
современный {adj} [нынешний]modern-day
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Usage Examples English
  • In various languages, variants of Hercules' name are used as a male given name, such as Hercule in French, Hércules in Spanish, Iraklis (...) in Modern Greek and Irakli (...) in Georgian.
  • After the Greek Independence, the modern Greek architects tried to combine traditional Greek and Byzantine elements and motives with the western European movements and styles.
  • Because of their codification in the Modern Greek state, surnames have Katharevousa forms even though Katharevousa is no longer the official standard.
  • There has been very little critical examination of any of these works. They were edited uncritically by Assemani, and there is also a modern Greek edition by Phrantzolas.
  • The reverse is featured on the national side of the modern Greek 1 euro coin.

  • Official records of the Hellenic Navy indicate 1795, however, modern Greek historians consider 1790 or 1793 to be more probable.
  • The avant-gardist stage-director Karolos Koun directed a version of "The Birds" under the Acropolis in 1959 that established a trend in modern Greek history of breaking taboos through the voice of Aristophanes.
  • in Medieval and Modern Greek. Cypriot Greek is notable for aspirating its inherited (and developed across word-boundaries) voiceless geminate stops, yielding the series /pʰː tʰː cʰː kʰː/.
  • Unable to return to Greece, she emigrated in May 1941 to the United States, where she had earlier appeared in 1931, performing Clytemnestra in a modern Greek version of "Electra".
  • In Modern Greek, vowel length has been lost, and all instances of alpha simply represent the open front unrounded vowel [...].

  • Lambda ({{IPAc-en|'|l|} (...) in Classical Greek times. In Modern Greek, the name of the letter, Λάμδα, is pronounced [...].
  • Kapodistrias also negotiated with the Great Powers and the Ottoman Empire to establish the borders and degree of independence of the Greek state; signed the peace treaty that ended the War of Independence with the Ottomans; introduced the "phoenix", the first modern Greek currency; organised local administration; and, in an effort to raise the living standards of the population, introduced the cultivation of the potato into Greece.
  • In Modern Greek, it represents a voiced dental fricative [...] , like the "th" in "that" or "this" (while [...] in foreign words is instead commonly transcribed as ντ).
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