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SYNO international Morse code | Morse | Morse code
азбука {ж} МорзеMorse (code)
экологический кодекс {м}
environmental code
дресс-код {м}
dress code
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Usage Examples English
  • In 1912 the station began a daily broadcast (in morse code) of the weather forecast, becoming the first radio station in the U.S.
  • The new day nurse then deduced that Joe's head-banging was in Morse Code and fetched someone who knew Morse Code.
  • An example is the encoding alphabet of Morse code, where a 'dash' takes longer to send than a 'dot', and therefore the cost of a dash in transmission time is higher.
  • The ten Arabic numerals are encoded in virtually every character set designed for electric, radio, and digital communication, such as Morse code.
  • At the sending station, an operator taps on a switch called a telegraph key, spelling out text messages in Morse code.

  • One 'enhancement' of the Decca system was to offer the potential of keying the signal, using Morse code, to signal the onset of nuclear war.
  • On-off keying is likewise used by radio amateurs to transmit Morse code where it is known as continuous wave (CW) operation, even though the transmission is not strictly "continuous."
  • Although Dexter's military service was as a Morse code operator in the Royal Corps of Signals, the character was named after his friend Sir Jeremy Morse, a crossword devotee like Dexter.
  • Procedural signs in Morse code are a form of control character.
  • Common examples of character encoding systems include Morse code, the Baudot code, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) and Unicode.

  • Their initials are shown in two stripes on the left field wall in Morse code.
  • Perens founded No-Code International in 1998 with the goal of ending the Morse Code test then required for an amateur radio license.
  • Morse code is a method used in telecommunication to encode text characters as standardized sequences of two different signal durations, called "dots" and "dashes", or "dits" and "dahs".
  • Systems supporting only a limited set of characters, such as Wabun code for Morse code telegrams and single-byte digital character encodings such as JIS X 0201 or EBCDIK, likewise dispense with kanji, instead using only katakana.
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