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 Translation for 'Nb' from English to Russian
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нейробластома {ж}
neuroblastoma <NB>
ниобий {м} <Nb>
niobium <Nb>
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Translation for 'Nb' from English to Russian

neuroblastoma <NB>
нейробластома {ж}мед.
niobium <Nb>
ниобий {м} <Nb>хим.
  • ниобий {м} <Nb> = niobium <Nb>
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Usage Examples English
  • In the recruitment procedure, the scouts that visited the "nb"≤"ns" fittest solutions (best sites) perform the waggle dance.
  • "Balls 8" is a NASA Boeing NB-52B mothership which was retired in 2004 after almost 50 years of flying service with NASA.
  • Rather than pick a tip for each race that occurs on a given day the normal protocol is to provide a Nap and nb selection.
  • After the relegation, in the 2014–2015 season, they were relegated from the NB II.
  • While the ISO 639 two-letter code for Bokmål is "nb", the Bokmål/Riksmål Norwegian Wikipedia continues to be hosted at "", while the narrower "nb" code redirects to that site.

  • The file extension for Mathematica files is .nb and .m for configuration files.
  • Soknopaiou Nesos means «"The island of Soknopaios"», a contraction of the longer Egyptian name "tȝ mȝy Sbk nb Pay pȝ nṯr ʿȝ", «"The Island of Sobek, the lord of Pai, the great god"».
  • There are five types of extra: no-ball (nb), wide (w or wd), bye (b), leg bye (lb), and penalty run (pen).
  • The gold stater (Egyptian: "nfr-nb", "Nefer-nub", meaning "fine gold") was the first coin ever minted in ancient Egypt, around 360 BC during the reign of pharaoh Teos of the 30th Dynasty.
  • The 1920–21 İstanbul Football League season was the 14th season of the league. Fenerbahçe won the league for the third time. NB: 3-2-1 point system.

  • , comprising in all twelve farms (nb. contemporary spelling): viz.
  • Nebty-tepites ("nb.tỉ tp ỉt=s," "The two crowns on the head of her father") was a Princess of ancient Egypt. She is mentioned in the tomb of her mother, Meresankh II.
  • The Egyptian hieroglyph representing gold (???? Gardiner S12), phonetic value "nb", is important due to its use in the Horus-of-Gold name, one of the Fivefold Titulary names of the Egyptian pharaoh.
  • He currently serves on the boards of Canadian National, Enbridge Gas NB and PlazaCorp Retail Property Ltd.
  • Nebettawy "(nb.t-t3.wỉ;" “Lady of the Two Lands”) was an ancient Egyptian princess and queen, the fifth daughter and one of the eight Great Royal Wives of Pharaoh Ramesses II.

  • The following is a list of noteworthy improvisational theatre companies<ref group="nb" name="noteworthy"/> from around the world.
  • t-n-pr-bꜣ-nb-ḏd.t" "the island of Mendes". The second part "Amdid" (older form Mandid or Mandadi) comes from [...] , a compound toponym the first part of which is ϭⲓⲏ "border, edge" and the second one comes from Egyptian "pr-bꜣ-nb-ḏd.t" "temple of Aries of the lord of ḏdt" which is also the source of [...].
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