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 Translation for 'Ni' from English to Russian
SYNO atomic number 28 | Ni | nickel
Никарагуа {ж}
Nicaragua <.ni>
никель {м} <Ni>
nickel <Ni>
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Translation for 'Ni' from English to Russian

Nicaragua <.ni>
Никарагуа {ж}геогр.
nickel <Ni>
никель {м} <Ni>хим.
  • никель {м} <Ni> = nickel <Ni>
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Usage Examples English
  • In recognition of Zhang Ni's valiant actions on the battlefield, Liu Shan enfeoffed Zhang Ni's eldest son, Zhang Ying (張瑛) as the Marquis of Xi Village (西鄉侯).
  • Geureudong or Bur ni Geureudong or Bur ni Telong is a stratovolcanic complex in northern Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Much of the organisation's work overlaps with the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment (NI) Act 2011, The Litter (NI) Order 1994 and The Waste and Contaminated Land (NI) Order 1997.
  • "ni" possession: the preposition "ni" only occurs when the possessum is a noun. The NP follows the form of ‘possessed ni possessor’.
  • Nakita ni Maria ni Juan.

  • Recently, it was demonstrated that "t"-Ni(cdt) can be used to synthesize unique air-stable 16-electron Ni(0)–olefin complexes, such as Ni(Fstb)3 and Ni(4-tBustb)3 using ("E")-stilbene ligands.
  • Graphene nanosheets have been incorporated into a Ni matrix through a plating process to form Ni-graphene composites on a target substrate.
  • The second use of "ni" is found in binomial expressions such as "mesini okazu" 飯におかず "rice and a side dish".
  • In Spanish-speaking countries, "ni-ni" (short of "ni estudia ni trabaja") is also applied.
  • "Neither Rich nor Poor" (Spanish: "Ni pobres ni ricos") is a 1953 Mexican comedy drama film directed by Fernando Cortés.

  • Nickel tetracarbonyl easily starts breaking apart over 36° forming Ni(CO)3, Ni(CO)2, and Ni. Ni(CO) and NiC appear in mass spectroscopy of nickel carbonyl.
  • She participated in the telenovelas "Cuando me enamoro", "Ni contigo ni sin ti" and "Un refugio para el amor".
  • He also quoted a kishwahili poem in tribute to Gitari that read: "Gitari ni hodari.
  • Ni-yotte passives are another type of Japanese passive that contrasts direct and indirect passives which contain a dative ni-phrase.
  • This raga has a Ni flat (ni komal) in the descent.

  • There are two stepwells; Sasu ni Vav and Vahu ni Vav in the north-west of "Kund".
  • Shāh Nimatullāh or Shāh Ni'matullāh Wali, ([...] "Shāh Ne'matullāh-i Valī"), also spelled as "Ne'matollah" and "Ni'matallah" was the spiritual leader or Qutb of the Ni'matullah Order in Iran from the 14th and 15th centuries.
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