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 Translation for 'Np' from English to Russian
NOUN   NP | -
SYNO atomic number 93 | neptunium | Np | ...
Непал {м}
Nepal <.np>
нептуний {м} <Np>
neptunium <Np>
Нет проблем!No problem! <np>
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Translation for 'Np' from English to Russian

Nepal <.np>
Непал {м}геогр.
neptunium <Np>
нептуний {м} <Np>хим.

No problem! <np>
Нет проблем!
  • нептуний {м} <Np> = neptunium <Np>
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Usage Examples English
  • A problem is said to be strongly NP-complete (NP-complete in the strong sense), if it remains NP-complete even when all of its numerical parameters are bounded by a polynomial in the length of the input.
  • When "m" is variable (a part of the input), both problems are strongly NP-hard, by reduction from 3-partition. This means that they have no FPTAS unless P=NP.
  • In computational complexity theory, unary numbering is used to distinguish strongly NP-complete problems from problems that are NP-complete but not strongly NP-complete.
  • The binomial distribution converges towards the Poisson distribution as the number of trials goes to infinity while the product "np" converges to a finite limit.
  • Haplogroup C has a signature loss of Hinc II restriction site at np 13259 and an Alu I restriction site added at np 13262.

  • The quadratic nonresidue problem has both an NP and a co-NP algorithm, and so lies in the intersection of NP and co-NP.
  • The proof of subgraph isomorphism being NP-complete is simple and based on reduction of the clique problem, an NP-complete decision problem in which the input is a single graph "G" and a number "k", and the question is whether "G" contains a complete subgraph with "k" vertices.
  • However, the problem is NP-complete if "k" is part of the input.
  • It can be represented in general form as np/ns, where np is the number of ports connected to the direction control valve and ns the number of switching positions.
  • For unbounded polyhedra, the problem is known to be NP-hard, more precisely, there is no algorithm that runs in polynomial time in the combined input-output size, unless P=NP.

  • Based on the definition alone it is not obvious that NP-complete problems exist; however, a trivial and contrived NP-complete problem can be formulated as follows: given a description of a Turing machine "M" guaranteed to halt in polynomial time, does there exist a polynomial-size input that "M" will accept?
  • Khaga, Vijayipur, Khakhareru(NP), Dhata(NP), Khaga (NP) & Kishunpur (NP) of Khaga Tehsil.
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