Translation for 'Pochhammer' from English to Russian
символ {м} Похгаммера
Pochhammer symbol
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Translation for 'Pochhammer' from English to Russian

Pochhammer symbol
символ {м} Похгаммерамат.
Usage Examples English
  • Let's now simplify this relation by giving "ar" in terms of "a"0 instead of "ar"−1. From the recurrence relation (note: below, expressions of the form ("u")"r" refer to the Pochhammer symbol).
  • In the mathematical theory of special functions, the Pochhammer "k"-symbol and the "k"-gamma function, introduced by Rafael Díaz and Eddy Pariguan are generalizations of the Pochhammer symbol and gamma function.
  • More examples of the use of the empty product in mathematics may be found in the binomial theorem (which assumes and implies that "x"0 = 1 for all "x"), Stirling number, König's theorem, binomial type, binomial series, difference operator and Pochhammer symbol.
  • According to Wilhem Von Pochhammer, Antiochus III, 6th successor of Seleucus, was resisted not by Mauryas but by a local ruler named Subhagasena.
  • Stirling numbers express coefficients in expansions of falling and rising factorials (also known as the Pochhammer symbol) as polynomials.

  • Bernhard Windscheid married the artist Auguste Eleanore Charlotte "Lotte" Pochhammer (1830–1918) on 4 November 1858.
  • The Pochhammer products have an important role in the Pentagonal number theorem and its derivation.
  • This seemingly complicated formula involves Stirling numbers and Pochhammer symbols, but can be very easily calculated.
  • The "q"-Pochhammer symbol is a major building block in the construction of "q"-analogs; for instance, in the theory of basic hypergeometric series, it plays the role that the ordinary Pochhammer symbol plays in the theory of generalized hypergeometric series.
  • Here, [...] denotes the q-Pochhammer symbol.

  • Here ("a";"q")"n" is the q-Pochhammer symbol.
  • This Pochhammer contour integral converges for all values of [...] and [...] and so gives the analytic continuation of the beta function.
  • The Pochhammer symbol has a generalized version called the generalized Pochhammer symbol, used in multivariate analysis. There is also a [...] -analogue, the [...] -Pochhammer symbol.
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