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NOUN   the Sargasso Sea | -
Саргассово море {с}
Sargasso Sea
Partial Matches
Тирренское море {с}
Tyrrhenian Sea
Тиморское море {с}
Timor Sea
Молуккское море {с}
Molucca Sea
Балийское море {с}
Bali Sea
Филиппинское море {с}
Philippine Sea
Явское море {с}
Java Sea
Чукотское море {с}
Chukchi Sea
Кельтское море {с}
Celtic Sea
Гренландское море {с}
Greenland Sea
Коралловое море {с}
Coral Sea
Новогвинейское море {с}
Bismarck Sea
Икарийское море {с}
Icarian Sea
море {с} Ирмингера
Irminger Sea
Ирландское море {с}
Irish Sea
Карское море {с}
Kara Sea
Яванское море {с}
Java Sea
море {с} Лабрадор
Labrador Sea
Лигурийское море {с}
Ligurian Sea
Норвежское море {с}
Norwegian Sea
синеголовник {м} приморский [Eryngium maritimum]
sea holly
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Usage Examples English
  • After observing windrows of drifting seaweed in the Sargasso Sea he discovered a wind-driven surface circulation in the sea. It is now called the Langmuir circulation.
  • The spawning grounds for the two species are in an overlapping area of the southern Sargasso Sea, with "A.
  • journey from Europe to the Sargasso Sea with a swimming machine for the fish.
  • In the North Atlantic, spawning is known from the Sargasso Sea, Spawning occurs from November to February in the South Atlantic off southern Brazil.
  • By this time the Portuguese navigators had also reached the Sargasso Sea (western North Atlantic region), naming it after the "Sargassum" seaweed growing there ("sargaço" / "sargasso" in Portuguese).

  • Examples are the American eel and the European eel which migrate huge distances from freshwater rivers to spawn in the Sargasso sea, and whose subsequent larvae can drift in currents for months and even years before returning to their natal rivers and streams as glass eels or elvers.
  • Australian filmmaker John Duigan directed a 1993 erotic drama, "Wide Sargasso Sea", based on Rhys's best-known novel.
  • Jean Rhys intended her critically acclaimed novel "Wide Sargasso Sea" as an account of the woman whom Rochester married and kept in his attic.
  • Fort suggested that a Super-Sargasso Sea exists, into which all lost things go, and justified his theories by noting that they fit the data as well as the conventional explanations.
  • The Sargasso Sea (...) is a region of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by four currents forming an ocean gyre.

  • This location and the characterisation of Bertha was further explored by Jean Rhys in her 1966 prequel to"Jane Eyre", "Wide Sargasso Sea".
  • These European eels make their way from the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, some [...] along the Gulf Stream to the mouth of the River Bann, and then make their way into the lough.
  • In the early 19th century it was discovered that the southern Sargasso Sea is the spawning ground for both the European and American eel and that the former migrate more than [...] and the latter [...].
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