Translation for 'Timurids' from English to Russian
тимуриды {мн}
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Translation for 'Timurids' from English to Russian

тимуриды {мн}ист.
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  • The war elephants were also used by Saffarids, Ghaznavids, Buyids to a lesser extent, and also by Khwarezmids in the Samarkand area. The Timurids also used them in the Battle of Ankara.
  • Uq was retaken and the Timurids had been forced out of Sistan by mid-1409.
  • Some sources indicate that he might have been murdered by the Timurids during the Shia persecutions.
  • Not far from the castle or "Tapa-e Taj Beg" (Taj Beg hill), a palace for the Queen of the Timurids is said to have been found a long time ago.
  • In 1430 or 1431, Abu'l-Khayr and his army marched south into Timurid-held Khwarezm and occupied Urganj. Between 1430 and 1446 the Uzbek Khanate took land in Transoxiana from the Timurids.

  • It 1329 the Latin Diocese of Samarcanda became its suffragan for the Chagatai Khanate, at least until Tamerlane (founder of the Timurids) swept its see Samarkand.
  • During the reign of the Timurids, national handicrafts, like other industries, developed further. For example, Margilan specialized in the production of silk and silk products, Rishtan in ceramics.
  • He then went on to rebuilt his power in Simsir and defeat the Timurids together with the Kingdom of Georgia, forcing them (Timurids) out of Chechnya.
  • The Timurids supported the development of literature in the Turkic language. In 1398, Timur's son Miranshah ordered to draw up an official document in the Turkic language in the Uyghur script.
  • The timurids used glazed and bisque tile to simulate brick in this case.

  • The role of slave soldiers such as the ghilman and mamluks was considerably smaller in Mongol-based armies like the Timurids, as compared to other Islamic societies.
  • The Battle of Ankara was fought on 20 July 1402 at these locations between the forces of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and Timur, ruler of the Timurids.
  • At this point, Jahan Shah of the Black Sheep Turkmen ended his loyalty to the Timurids.
  • After the Mongol invasion the Timurids took possession.
  • In 1526, Babur invaded India and expanded the Timurids, which in India became known as the Mughal Empire.

  • Control of the region was disputed by the Timurids and the Golden Horde, but in 1511 it passed to a new, local Uzbek dynasty, the ʿArabshahids.
  • The Syriac Christians also experienced a significant decline in Syria due to intra-communal disputes over patriarchal succession and the destruction of churches by the Timurids or local Kurdish tribes.
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