Translation for 'Titanomachy' from English to Russian
NOUN   Titanomachy | -
титаномахия {ж}
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Translation for 'Titanomachy' from English to Russian

титаномахия {ж}миф.
Usage Examples English
  • It was also considered the site of the War of the Titans (Titanomachy) where Zeus and his siblings defeated the Titans.
  • It was Zarif who suggested using the term "titanomachy", the war between the titans and the gods of Greek mythology.
  • The eruption of Thera and volcanic fallout may have inspired the myths of the Titanomachy in Hesiod's "Theogony".
  • Joined to fill out lists of Titans to form a total matching the Twelve Olympians, Crius was inexorably involved in the ten-year-long war between the Olympian gods and Titans, the Titanomachy, though without any specific part to play.
  • Along with the other Titans, Coeus was overthrown by Zeus and the other Olympians in the Titanomachy.

  • The stage for the Titanomachy was set after the youngest Titan Cronus overthrew his own father, Uranus (Ουρανός, the sky and ruler of the cosmos), with the help of his mother, Gaia (Γαία, the earth).
  • An early example is the Titanomachy (War of the Titans), in which the Olympian Gods fought against the preceding generation, the Titans.
  • Brief mentions of the Titanomachy and the imprisonment of the Titans in Tartarus also occur in the "Homeric Hymn to Apollo" and Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound".
  • To commemorate the sheer size and cost of the battle, the game's creators, CCP Games, erected a permanent monument in the system B-R5RB named "The Titanomachy", consisting of non-salvageable capital ship wrecks.
  • West notes that surviving references suggest that there may have been significant differences between the Titanomachy epic and the account of events in Hesiod; and that the Titanomachy may be the source of later variants of the Prometheus myth not found in Hesiod, notably the non-Hesiodic material found in the Prometheus Bound of Aeschylus.

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