Translation for 'Vistula' from English to Russian
SYNO Vistula | Vistula River
Висла {ж}
Vistula (River)
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Translation for 'Vistula' from English to Russian

Vistula (River)
Висла {ж}геогр.
Usage Examples English
  • The Vistula-Oder waterway runs through the Brda River (tributary of the Vistula river), linked to the Bydgoszcz canal: two water locks are located in the city.
  • Even after this time, German forces continued to resist on the Vistula Spit, the long sandbar enclosing the Vistula Lagoon, until the end of the war.
  • It covers a part of the ancient valley of the Vistula basin, between the Vistula and the Bzura rivers.
  • Historically, the Goths followed the Vistula, but during the Viking Age, the Dvina-Dniepr waterway succeeded the Vistula as the main trade route to Greece for the "Gutes" (or "Gotar" in standard Old Norse), and it is not surprising that it also replaced the Vistula in the migration traditions.
  • The units of the 36th Division disbanded upon reaching the Vistula near Narożnik forester's Lodge.

  • In 1887 Włocławek rowers organized the first local regatta on the Vistula, and fourteen years later they’ve managed to sail the Vistula upstream to Płock.
  • From the south it is bordered by the Dead Vistula (one branch of the Vistula river).
  • In July 1944, units of the Red Army crossed the Vistula near the town, creating the so-called Baranów Bridgehead (see Vistula–Oder Offensive).
  • Wulfstan sailed from Hedeby (Haithabu), Jutland to Truso in seven days keeping Weonodland ("Wendland") on the right as far as the mouth of the Weissel (Vistula).
  • Established in 1955 by Vistula delta Mennonites who came from West Prussia, Danzig and Poland to Uruguay. Its Spanish name refers to the Vistula delta.

  • Gostynia is a river of southern Poland, a left tributary of the Vistula. It flows through Tychy, and joins the Vistula near Bieruń.
  • The Nogat is a 62 km long delta branch of the Vistula River in northern Poland. Unlike the main river, it does not empty into Gdańsk Bay but rather into the Vistula Lagoon.
  • From around the 6th century, West Slavic tribes migrated via the Vistula and Oder Rivers into the southern Baltics, where sizable settlements of Vikings and Danes and large trading centers thrived, such as Jomsburg at the mouth of the Oder and Danzig at the mouth of the Vistula and possibly Baltic settlement centres between the Parsęta and the Vistula.
  • From the east it is bordered by the Śmiała Wisła (Daring Vistula) and from the south by the Dead Vistula (two distributary river branches of the Vistula).
  • Mała Wisełka (the former Polska Wisła, [...]) is a branch of the Vistula river in the town of Toruń in Poland. It translates literally from Polish as "very small Vistula".

  • The Vistula rises at Barania Góra in the south of Poland, [...] above sea level in the Silesian Beskids (western part of Carpathian Mountains), where it begins with the Little White Vistula ("Biała Wisełka") and the Black Little Vistula ("Czarna Wisełka").
  • The Martwa Wisła ([...]; [...]; both literally "dead Vistula") is a river, one of the branches of the Vistula, flowing through the city of Gdańsk in northern Poland.
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