Translation for 'Which way' from English to Russian
В какую сторону?Which way?
Partial Matches
что {pron} [относительное мест.]which
какой {pron}which
который {pron}which
способ {м}way [manner]
таким образом {adv}this way
так {adv} [таким образом]this way
туды {adv} [просторечное слово]that way
ни в коем случае {adv}no way
отойти [сов.] [отступить]to give way
отходить [несов.] [отступать]to give way
отступить [сов.]to give way
отступать [несов.]to give way
сюда {adv} [как указание]this way
доро́га {ж}way [route, path]
трёхходовой вентиль {м}
three-way valve
в некотором роде {adv}in some way
улица {ж} с односторонним движением
one-way street
быт {м}way of life
таким образом {adv}in this way
кстати {adv}by the way
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Usage Examples English
  • There are several ways to find out which way leads to freedom. All can be determined by using Boolean algebra and a truth table.
  • The rover contains accelerometers to detect which way is down (toward the surface of Mars) by measuring the pull of gravity.
  • The visual appearance for the viewer is that either the background suddenly grows in size and detail and overwhelms the foreground, or the foreground becomes immense and dominates its previous setting, depending on which way the dolly zoom is executed.
  • Campbell made a cameo appearance in the 1980 Clint Eastwood movie "Any Which Way You Can", for which he recorded the title song.
  • Palin felt Gordon was the best choice but she had to drop out after sustaining an injury shooting "Any Which Way You Can".

  • Endicott grew and flourished due to massive numbers of immigrants who came to the area to work for "EJ", predominantly from southern and eastern Europe. "Which way EJ?
  • This which-way experiment illustrates the complementarity principle that photons can behave as either particles or waves, but cannot be observed as both at the same time.
  • Key scenes from the 1978 Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose were filmed in Georgetown.
  • North-South will take 3 spade tricks for certain, and declarer need not guess which way to finesse the suit.
  • Equilibrioception in many marine animals is done with an entirely different organ, the statocyst, which detects the position of tiny calcareous stones to determine which way is "up".

  • We were completely in sync about which way we should go for each record".
  • In a radio interview with channel SR P1 on 15 March, Bildt stated that he considers the Crimean referendum illegal, and "invalid, no matter which way people vote".
  • Each node needs to keep track of which way to deliver various packages of data, and for this it uses a routing table.
  • At the beginning of the convention, two position papers were passed out by the National Office leadership, one a revised statement of Klonsky's RYM manifesto, the other called "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows".
  • Later, they were drawn to always appear circular no matter which way Mickey was facing.

  • Finally, the last two columns show roughly how long it will take (assuming one adheres to the pattern exactly) for the calendar months to be about a day off the synodic month, and which way off it will be.
  • Either the path is right-hand threaded (like most screws and bolts), moving along the circles in the "same" directions, or it is left-hand threaded (like a reverse-threaded bolt), moving along the circles in what we conventionally say are "opposite" directions (according to the right hand rule by which we conventionally say which way is "up" on each of the 4 coordinate axes).
  • The original specification of the Union Flag in the Royal Proclamation of 1 January 1801 did not contain a drawn pattern or express which way the saltires should lie; they were simply "counterchanged" and the red saltire fimbriated.
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