Translation for 'Zurvanism' from English to Russian
зурванизм {м}
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Translation for 'Zurvanism' from English to Russian

зурванизм {м}ист.религ.
Usage Examples English
  • This dualistic cosmogony influenced later Iranian developments such as Manichaeism, Mazdakism, and Zurvanism.
  • (see also: "Fatalistic" Zurvanism).
  • played in the now extinct branch of Zoroastrianism known as Zurvanism.
  • Zurvanism is a fatalistic religious movement of Zoroastrianism in which the divinity Zurvan is a first principle (primordial creator deity) who engendered equal-but-opposite twins, Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu.
  • Zurvan is the primordial creator deity in Zurvanism, a now-extinct branch of the Zoroastrianism religion.

  • Some religionists made syncretic teachings of Islam and local beliefs and cults such as Iranian paganism, Zurvanism, Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism.
  • While Zoroaster's Ormuzd created the universe with his thought, materialist Zurvanism challenged the concept that anything could be made out of nothing.
  • Historically, differences also existed between the Zoroastrian branches of Zurvanism, Mazdakism and Mazdaism.
  • Although Zoroastrianism has had an historical tolerance for other religions, it also held sects like Zurvanism and Mazdakism heretical to its main dogma and has violently persecuted them, such as burying Mazdakians with their feet upright as "human gardens."
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