Translation for 'aa' from English to Russian
NOUN   aa | -
SYNO AA | Alcoholics Anonymous | Associate in Arts
аа-лава {ж}
aa lava
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Translation for 'aa' from English to Russian

aa lava
аа-лава {ж}геол.
Usage Examples English
  • Qat'aa, a form of poetry, is a part of soazkhwani / mersiya-khwani.
  • Class 6 follows the vowel pattern aa-oe-aa. It is the smallest of the strong verb classes, with only a few verbs.
  • The stretch of the Aa downstream from Heeswijk Castle till the Maxima Canal is characterized by the effects of the Dynamisch Beekdal project.
  • While aa-tRNA serves primarily as the intermediate link between the mRNA coding strand and the encoded polypeptide chain during protein synthesis, it is also found that aa-tRNA have functions in several other biosynthetic pathways.
  • This result tells us that, if the allele frequency of A is 70% and the allele frequency of a is 30%, the expected genotype frequency of AA is 49%, Aa is 42%, and aa is 9%.

  • Suppose each population is in an internal Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, so that the genotype frequencies AA, Aa and aa are "p"2, 2"pq", and "q"2 respectively for each population.
  • As is the case for other western Finnish dialects, the Tavastian dialects mostly use the standard-like "aa" and "ää".
  • Through the Simple Modular Architecture Research (SMART) tool in Figure 3, an annotation predicted three N-linked glycosylation sites (red circles, starting from the left): 51 aa, 60 aa, and 309 aa.
  • FAM180b has two cysteine residues located at amino acid (aa) 10 and 16, that are predicted to be palmitoylation sites.
  • If λ = 0, then Aa has the same fitness as AA, e.g.

  • A SAPS analysis on the human CDV3 protein sequence found one uncharged cluster segment from 28-75 aa.
  • The protein sequence is predicted to contain a signal peptide (1 aa to 24 aa), an extracellular domain (25 aa to 100 aa), a transmembrane domain (101 aa to 121 aa), and a cytoplasmic domain (122 aa to 215 aa).
  • For operations in the Reichswald in February 1945 (Operation Veritable), 74th AA Bde was assigned to II Canadian Corps.
  • The mature CEFIP protein contains nuclear localization signals (NLS), pat4 (RKPK at aa 382, RPRK at aa 640, KRRK at aa 1190) and pat7 (PPWRKPK at aa 379 and PWRKPKT at aa 380) with an NLS score of 0.94.
  • In writing systems that make use of tall aa, as the initial letter of an akshara the letter is followed by round aa, as shown in the table of matras above, rather than tall aa.

  • The highest conserved amino acids are ISDSDG from aa 104-110, WLVA from aa 171-175, VDP---L--R from aa 199-208, and the C’ terminus, but especially NADQVLMW from aa 240-247.
  • Agnihotri's 2002 "Aa Gale Lag Jaa" series was based on the 1973 film "Aa Gale Lag Jaa" by Manmohan Desai.
  • Long vowels are indicated by doubling the letter: aa ee ɛɛ ii ɩɩ oo ɔɔ uu ʊʊ, both are accented if the tone is high: (áá etc.), only the first is accented if the tone is descending (áa), only the second is accented if the tone is ascending (aá).
  • It is not advised to substitute "aa" for "å" in Finnish, as "aa" is already a common letter combination with the value [...].
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