Translation for 'abandon' from English to Russian
NOUN   an abandon | abandons
VERB   to abandon | abandoned | abandoned
abandoning | abandons
SYNO abandon | to abandon | to desert | ...
бросать [семью, друга]to abandon
прекращатьto abandon [discontinue]
покидатьto abandon [forsake, desert]
оставить [покинуть] [сов.]to abandon [forsake, desert]
оставлять [покидать] [несов.]to abandon [forsake, desert]
отказываться от [+gen.] [несов.]to abandon [renounce]
развязность {ж}abandon
несдержанность {ж}abandon
2 Words
самозабвенно {adv}with abandon
не сдерживаясь {adv}with abandon
покидать корабльto abandon ship
3 Words
предаваться чему-л. [отчаянию, страсти и т.п.] [несов.]to abandon oneself to sth.
петь с чувствомto sing with abandon
забываться в песнеto sing with abandon
5+ Words
Оставь надежду всяк сюда входящий.
Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
сдавать город врагу [несов.]to abandon the city to the enemy
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Usage Examples English
  • 1994: The SVHTS was formed. CP applied to abandon line.
  • Intersport would eventually abandon the Kumho tires for Dunlop, but with no better performance the team would abandon their use of the CA06/H chassis.
  • There is also an abandon ship alarm which is used should it become necessary to abandon ship, after all other efforts have been exhausted.
  • However, it has been observed that females may abandon their eggs before flooding occurs.
  • On April 18, 2019, the railroad filed to abandon its entire line. In 2020, the line was purchased intact by Alabama Railroad LLC who filed on July 6, 2022 to abandon the entire line.

  • CNR applied in 1925 to abandon west of Middleton, but permission was given to abandon only west of Bridgetown.
  • One running theme in the book is that social sciences can progress if they abandon "chimerical" notions like "nature" and "culture", that do not correspond to anything in the world.
  • On February 25, 2004, the company applied to the Surface Transportation Board to abandon almost the whole line.
  • In October it was decided to abandon the film.
  • On 10 October 2022, he urged African states to abandon their neutrality and condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

  • Missionaries were largely successful in the acculturation process, teaching Shuar Spanish, converting Shuar to Christianity, encouraging the Shuar to abandon warfare and the production of shrunken heads, encouraging Shuar to abandon the puberty rites through which Shuar acquired an "arútam wakaní", and encouraging Shuar to participate in the market economy.
  • Recommendation I: Cease and abandon the Life Skills Programme forthwith.
  • 2. Shelve controversies and not abandon dialogue.
  • On April 29, 1988, the Railway Transport Committee of the Canadian Transport Commission authorized CN to abandon its line between Ha Ha Bay Junction and Chicoutimi, and CN and VIA Rail to abandon passenger service between Jonquière and Chicoutimi.
  • He refused to abandon the race and four days later won a stage over Mont Ventoux.

  • In July 2017, the Berejiklian government decided to abandon the forced merger of the Sydney local government areas, following an earlier move to abandon proposed forced mergers in rural and regional NSW.
  • In "Cyberpunk 2077" the character Takemura sends a text message to V that reads "Even should you abandon your body, never abandon your honor.
  • The Abandon operation requests that the server abort an operation named by a message ID.
  • In 2016, Wild Oats was forced to abandon the race.
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