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NOUN   an abdominal wall | abdominal walls
брюшная стенка {ж}
abdominal wall
Partial Matches
абдоминальный {adj}
ранение {с} живота
abdominal injury
мышцы {мн} брюшного пресса
abdominal muscles
стенка {ж}
стена {ж}wall
настенная полка {ж}
(wall) shelf
стенгазета {ж}
wall newspaper
перегородка {ж}partition wall
стенной {adj}wall [attr.]
(обыкновенная) стенная ящерица {ж} [Podarcis muralis]
(common) wall lizard
настенные часы {мн}
(wall) clock {sg}
анкер {м}
wall tie [anchor]
Берлинская стена {ж}
the (Berlin) Wall
(обыкновенная) стенная ящерица {ж} [Podarcis muralis]
European wall lizard [Am.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Amniocentesis retrieves amniotic fluid by inserting a needle through the pregnant mother's abdominal wall.
  • The first signs of putrefaction are signified by a greenish discoloration on the outside of the skin on the abdominal wall corresponding to where the large intestine begins, as well as under the surface of the liver.
  • The navel (specifically abdominal wall) would be considered an umbilical hernia if the protrusion were 5 centimeters or more.
  • Humans experience touch as early as fetal development, when the fetus begins receiving sensory information from coming in contact with the mothers’ abdominal wall.
  • Five or six small incisions are made in the abdominal wall and laparoscopic instruments are inserted.

  • A sunken chest position will limit the capacity of the lungs, and a tense abdominal wall will inhibit the downward travel of the diaphragm.
  • By far the most common hernias develop in the abdomen when a weakness in the abdominal wall evolves into a localized hole, or "defect", through which adipose tissue, or abdominal organs covered with peritoneum, may protrude.
  • Males have two testicles of similar size contained within the scrotum, which is an extension of the abdominal wall. For 85% of men, the right testis hangs lower than the left one.
  • The three most important mesenteries are mesentery for the small intestine, the transverse mesocolon, which attaches the back portion of the colon to the abdominal wall, and the sigmoid mesocolon which enfolds the sigmoid colon.
  • 17) posteriorly (forming part of the abdominal wall) reverses the inhalatory movement, while compressing the abdominal contents, thus increasing the pressure in all the air sacs.

  • The outer layer, the parietal peritoneum, is attached to the abdominal wall and the pelvic walls.
  • The transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous (TRAM) flap method results in weakness and loss of flexibility in the abdominal wall.
  • A laparotomy is a surgical procedure involving a surgical incision through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity. It is also known as a celiotomy.
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