Translation for 'abiogenesis' from English to Russian
NOUN   abiogenesis | -
SYNO abiogenesis | autogenesis | autogeny | ...
абиогенез {м}
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Translation for 'abiogenesis' from English to Russian

абиогенез {м}биол.
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  • He argued against the idea of abiogenesis, claiming that there was an intervention of "intelligence" (which he equated with God) acting upon the organization of living matter.
  • Autopoiesis has been proposed as a potential mechanism of abiogenesis, by which molecules evolved into more complex cells that could support the development of life.
  • Popper was a key figure encouraging patent lawyer Günter Wächtershäuser to publish his iron–sulfur world hypothesis on abiogenesis and his criticism of "soup" theory.
  • In 1953, the Miller-Urey experiment showed that organic compounds could be synthesized abiotically within a closed system mimicking the conditions of early Earth, thus suggesting that complex organic molecules could have arisen spontaneously in early Earth (see abiogenesis).
  • It has also been noted that arguments against some form of life arising "by chance" are really objections to nontheistic abiogenesis, not to evolution.

  • Similar concepts were known in ancient times as concepts of abiogenesis, but these were disproved during the 18th century.
  • Ross rejects both abiogenesis and evolution as explanations for the origin and history of life, contrary to the scientific consensus.
  • Haldane introduced the modern concept of abiogenesis in an eight-page article titled "The origin of life," in "The" "Rationalist Annual" in 1929, The idea was generally dismissed as "wild speculation".
  • Studies in this field contribute to the understanding of the formation of the Solar System, Earth's origin and geology, abiogenesis, and the origin of climate and oceans.
  • It posits that in the development of life from the earliest stages of abiogenesis to reaching the highest levels of development on the Kardashev scale, there exists some particular barrier to development that makes detectable extraterrestrial life exceedingly rare.

  • Based on observations by the Kepler Space Telescope team, it has been calculated that provided the probability of abiogenesis is higher than 1 to 1000, the closest alien biosphere should be within 100 light-years from the Earth.
  • Clay minerals form in the presence of water and have been important to life, and many theories of abiogenesis involve them.
  • This is borne out in his thoughts on abiogenesis, or the hypothetical natural process by which life arises from simple organic compounds.
  • A scenario is a set of related concepts pertinent to the origin of life (abiogenesis), such as the iron-sulfur world.
  • Weber is an American chemist, whose research field is pre-life chemistry, was a pioneer to reveal the role of thioester in abiogenesis.

  • ... extraterrestrial methane, see also abiogenesis).
  • Nonetheless, In March 2021, researchers reported evidence suggesting that a preliminary form of transfer RNA could have been a replicator molecule in the very early development of life, or abiogenesis.
  • In the context of abiogenesis, the lipid-world suggests assemblies of simple molecules, such as lipids, can store and propagate information, thus undergo evolution.
  • Hydrothermal vents have been hypothesized to have been a significant factor to starting abiogenesis and the survival of primitive life.
  • The formation of lipids into protocell membranes represents a key step in models of abiogenesis, the origin of life.

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