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абсолютно {adv}absolutely
вообще {adv} [при любых обстоятельствах]absolutely
совершенно {adv} [совсем]absolutely [completely]
безусловно {adv} [несомненно]absolutely [unquestionably]
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Usage Examples English
  • If "K" is itself absolutely abelian, the genus field may be described as the maximal absolutely abelian extension of "K" unramified at all finite primes: this definition was used by Leopoldt and Hasse.
  • Zariski's connectedness theorem gives a rigorous version of the "principle of degeneration" introduced by Federigo Enriques, which says roughly that a limit of absolutely irreducible cycles is absolutely connected.
  • A polynomial that is irreducible over any field containing the coefficients is absolutely irreducible.
  • The ground system radials do not have to be absolutely straight nor absolutely horizontal.
  • The Cantor distribution has a cumulative distribution function that is continuous but not absolutely continuous, and indeed its absolutely continuous part is zero: it is singular continuous.

  • When a series of real or complex numbers is absolutely convergent, any rearrangement or reordering of that series' terms will still converge to the same value.
  • Absolutely continuous probability distributions as defined above are precisely those with an absolutely continuous cumulative distribution function.
  • With the norm in place, absolutely convergent series can be used instead of finite sums.
  • If a series of functions is uniformly absolutely-convergent on some neighborhood of each point of a topological space, it is locally uniformly absolutely-convergent.
  • The intersection of arbitrarily many absolutely convex sets is again absolutely convex; however, unions of absolutely convex sets need not be absolutely convex anymore.

  • If [...] is [...] periodic and absolutely continuous on [...] , then the Fourier series of [...] converges uniformly, but not necessarily absolutely, to [...].
  • Baxter's theorem states that the Verblunsky coefficients form an absolutely convergent series if and only if the moments of [...] form an absolutely convergent series and the weight function [...] is strictly positive everywhere.
  • If a Dirichlet series is absolutely convergent at [...] , then it is absolutely convergent for all "s" where [...].
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