Translation for 'against a background' from English to Russian
на фонеagainst a background
Partial Matches
фон {м} [задний план]background
предыстория {ж}background [circumstances]
на заднем планеin the background
unverified объединиться за / противto rally for / against
прислоняться [несов.] к чему-л.to lean against sth.
против {prep}against [in opposition to]
плыть против течения [перен.]to strive against the stream [fig.]
[неопределённый артикль перед согласными, перед eu и перед u, когда u произносится как [juː], как правило, не переводится]a
атомная бомба {ж}
немного {adv}a bit
некий {pron}a certain
немногоa little
несколькоa few
многоa lot
в спешке {adv}in a hurry
а-ля-карт {adv} [по меню]
à la carte
взойти на холмto mount a hill
аланин {м} <Ала, Ala, A>
alanine <Ala, A>
организовать государственный переворот
to stage a coup
устроить государственный переворот
to stage a coup
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Usage Examples English
  • In the poem a female figure rising from the sea against a background of Classical palaces is recognised as a priestess of Atlantis.
  • In 1972, the British government suspended this arrangement. Against a background of growing political violence, and citing the need to consider how Catholics in Northern Ireland could be integrated into its civic and political life, it prorogued the parliament in Belfast.
  • Heathfield is depicted against a background of clouds and cannon smoke, wearing the uniform of the 15th Light Dragoons and clasping the key of the Rock, its chain wrapped twice around his right hand.
  • understandable against a background of strong nationwide public support for Team New Zealand that they saw as representing their country rather than just representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.
  • Again, the story of The Trumpeter Taken Captive takes place against a background of contemporary Anglo-French military rivalry and is directed against those who stir up war, from which they profit without taking part.

  • Tolkien uses all these elements to tell a meaningful tale of friendship and the inner struggle with temptation, against a background of epic and supernatural warfare.
  • the 1926 film "Across the Pacific" and the 1949 film "Last Stand in the Philippines" are about or are set against a background of the war.
  • TfL estimated that the charge has led to a small reduction in road traffic casualties against a background trend of improvement across London and across the rest of Great Britain over the period.
  • This symbol appears in the centre of the Inn's coat of arms, against a background consisting of the same cross (a red cross on a white field).
  • A 2004 review concluded that "no lower safe limit of specific saturated fatty acid intakes has been identified" and recommended that the influence of varying saturated fatty acid intakes against a background of different individual lifestyles and genetic backgrounds should be the focus in future studies.

  • The first part of Hirohito's reign took place against a background of financial crisis and increasing military power within the government through both legal and extralegal means.
  • The campaign took place against a background dominated by war — the Mexican Revolution and World War I.
  • In a random dot autostereogram, the 3D image is usually shown in the middle of the autostereogram against a background depth plane (see the shark autostereogram).
  • An early Slovak Renaissance love poem is the anonymous epic "Siládi and Hadmázi" (1560), set against a background of the Turkish incursions into Central Europe.
  • Missions of the 19th century spread against a background of North Atlantic revivalism with its emotionalism and mass-meeting crowd psychological behaviours.

  • is a 2001 French historical novel by Jean-Christophe Rufin which recounts the unsuccessful French attempt to conquer Brazil in the 16th century, against a background of wars of religion and a rite-of-passage discovery of the charms and secrets of the Amerindian world.
  • The shield contains the image of the word "Allah" written in Arabic in the shape of a fire that draws allusion to Azerbaijan's adopted motto, the "land of fire" – in the center of an eight-point star against a background of the colours of the National flag.
  • Figure 1 shows the positions of the Hildas (black) against a background of all known asteroids (gray) up to Jupiter's orbit at January 1, 2005.
  • All of this occurred against a background of sometimes rocky relations with the local Native American population, including a nominally pitched battle, the Battle of Seattle, January 25, 1856.
  • A later issue showed Livingstone against a background graphic of a map of his Zambezi expedition, showing the River Zambezi, Victoria Falls, Lake Nyasa and Blantyre, Malawi; on the reverse, the African figures were replaced with an image of Livingstone's birthplace in Blantyre.

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