Translation for 'aloof' from English to Russian
ADJ   aloof | more aloof | most aloof
SYNO aloof | distant | upstage
в стороне {adv}aloof
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Translation for 'aloof' from English to Russian

в стороне {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • The film was the fifth time Keyes and Ford worked together. Keyes remarked that Ford appeared discontent during production, acting unusually withdrawn and aloof.
  • The American journalist John Gunther described Gomułka in 1961 as being "professorial in manner, aloof, and angular, with a peculiar spry pepperiness".
  • An antifascist, he remained aloof from official culture, devoting himself to local sphere.
  • Over the summer, Reno's lead dwindled. McBride, backed by big money donors, was able to exploit Reno's paltry war chest, and sometime aloof campaign.
  • One of Azuri's chambermaids, cool and aloof. She is a squid mermaid.

  • Russia before the mid-18th century stood largely aloof from German affairs, while Germany, until the Napoleonic period, remained divided into numerous small states under the nominal leadership of the Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Furthermore, it has been accurately pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church has remained somewhat aloof from Southern Italian saint cults.
  • Pollio may have died in his villa at Tusculum. He was apparently a staunch republican, and thus held himself somewhat aloof from Augustus.
  • His orthodoxy resented social reforms, and he kept aloof from the Indian National Congress.
  • Other flavors include reflection EELS (including reflection high-energy electron energy-loss spectroscopy (RHEELS)), typically at 10 to 30 keV, and aloof EELS (sometimes called near-field EELS), in which the electron beam does not in fact strike the sample but instead interacts with it via the long-ranged Coulomb interaction.

  • An Earth Wolf who frequently provokes the Heart Princesses. He appears to be older than the other three, and has an aloof personality.
  • The film follows the misguided, troubled lives of four men in their 40's living in a cold, aloof Rome.
  • 27. Menstruating women should be kept aloof.
  • During the crisis that culminated in the Battle of Pavón and the invasion of the interior by forces from Buenos Aires, he remained aloof from politics.
  • However, this Fifth Cargo Belief was resisted or rejected by many groups in Madang – both the coastal Sengam and the Bagasin Area peoples to the north largely stayed aloof from all cargo activity.

  • 15. Keep aloof from a horse that is drenched in water, mad elephant, bull that is maddened with lust and an uncultured man who is educated.
  • Their temperament is described as gentle, loyal and affectionate, but dignified and aloof with strangers. They can appear to be a sedate breed and enjoy curling up on the couch, eating and sleeping.
  • The Spaniards called the Yakan, "Sameacas" and considered them an aloof and sometimes hostile hill people (Wulff 1978:149; Haylaya 1980:13).
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