Translation for 'anti-American' from English to Russian
антиамериканский {adj}
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Translation for 'anti-American' from English to Russian

антиамериканский {adj}пол.социол.
Usage Examples English
  • His energetic efforts were only partially successful in establishing a local gentry, a thriving Church of England, and an anti-American coalition with select indigenous nations.
  • After a US-backed ouster of Sukarno and left-wing elements in 1965, Indonesian foreign policy underwent a major shift under the "New Order" government, as President Suharto moved away from the stridently anti-Western, anti-American posturing that characterised the latter part of the Sukarno era.
  • Death to America is an anti-American political slogan and chant. It is used in Iran. Death to Arabs is an anti-Arab slogan which is used by some Israelis.
  • "The Great Dictator" satirizes the Nazis and is a huge hit worldwide, but Hoover tries to portray it as anti-American propaganda.
  • The fate of Native Americans in the United States was used during the world wars for anti-American propaganda.

  • In China thousands were involved in protest marches in Beijing and other provincial capitals, some protesters threw gas bombs and rocks at the diplomatic missions of the United States and other NATO countries while in Chengdu the American Consul's residence was firebombed, deepening anti-Western and anti-American sentiment in China.
  • By 1960, the Cuban government began reforming education strategies. School children were taught military drills, how to bear arms, and anti-American songs.
  • Moments after exiting Joe's home Ace and Bailey are attacked by a group of Japanese holding anti-American signs, but sympathetic Japanese neighbors intervene to help the Americans, resulting in widespread fighting in the street.
  • Erik Svane has accused the show of being anti-American.
  • It ends with an anti-American epilogue in which the United States is embarrassed by the Bay of Pigs Invasion fiasco, and was subsequently banned.

  • Sheinberg thought it was anti-American. He was vehement.
  • A ground-swell of anti-American sentiment after the 2001 United States invasion of Afghanistan contributed to the Islamist coalition's victory.
  • When the new Castro government of Cuba turned to Soviets support in 1960, Cuba became the center of the anti-American Cold War forces, supported by the Soviet Union.
  • During the Nicaraguan Revolution in the 1980s, American Democratic politician and then mayor Bernie Sanders expressed support for the Sandinistas and condemned US support for the Contras, he wrote letters to the group denouncing the US media portrayal of the conflict, and also visited Nicaragua during the war where he attended a Sandinista rally where anti-American chants were reportedly being done.
  • The deaths and court-martial were the subject of anti-American sentiment in South Korea; the two girls are annually memorialized near US military bases in South Korea to this day.

  • S-allied governments in the Arab world, anti-American protestors from Pakistan to Palestinian territories used Bin Laden's portraits during their protests, speeches and public campaigns; owing to his widespread popularity that once pervaded the Arab World in the early 2000s.
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