Translation for 'anti-aging' from English to Russian
антивозрастной {adj}anti-aging
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Translation for 'anti-aging' from English to Russian

антивозрастной {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • In 2014, Schnarre launched her line of natural anti-aging skincare products.
  • ... being in favor of cures for common diseases, being in favor of serious anti-aging therapies as they are developed).
  • Clay and fumed silica nanoparticles may potentially be used as efficient UV-anti aging coatings in asphalt pavements.
  • TRH has been shown in mice to be an anti-aging agent with a broad spectrum of activities that, because of their actions, suggest that TRH has a fundamental role in the regulation of metabolic and hormonal functions.
  • Other attempts to create anti-aging drugs have taken different research paths.

  • The plot of John Wyndham's science fiction novel "Trouble with Lichen" revolves around an anti-aging chemical extracted from a lichen.
  • Cysteine supplements are sometimes marketed as anti-aging products with claims of improved skin elasticity.
  • Life extension refers to an increase in maximum or average lifespan, especially in humans, by slowing down or reversing the processes of aging through anti-aging measures.
  • The general public of Earth, once exposed to the Howards' lifespan, believes incorrectly that the Howards have discovered an anti-aging process that they are choosing to conceal, and come to resent them.
  • He became interested in anti-aging research, and in 1986 his reputation suffered when he promoted Glycel, an expensive "anti-aging" skin cream, whose approval was withdrawn by the United States Food and Drug Administration soon thereafter.

  • The desire of many to look young for their age and/or attractive has led to the establishment of a large cosmetics industry, which is largely concerned with make-up that is applied on top of the skin (topically) to temporarily change appearance but it or dermatology also develop anti-aging products (and related products and procedures) that in some cases affect underlying biology and are partly applied preventively.
  • Despite great demand, many anti-aging products and treatments have not been proven to give lasting or major positive effects.
  • The epigenetic clock, which relatively objectively measures the biological age of cells, are useful tool for testing different anti-aging approaches.
  • The Neuzelle Cloister Brewery ("Neuzeller Klosterbräu") is located in Neuzelle, Germany, and is best known for its Neuzeller "Anti-Aging-Bier".
  • Federal Trade Commission not to make claims about its anti-aging products unless it had credible scientific evidence supporting the claims.

  • Phycobiliproteins have many practical application to them including imperative properties like hepato-protective, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging activity of PBPs enable their use in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.
  • Despite the fact the authors at no time claimed that GH had reversed the aging process itself, their results were misinterpreted as indicating that GH is an effective anti-aging agent.
  • by the moderator of a discussion panel at the Venture Alpha West 2014 conference, Thiel said he wants to make progress on anti-aging research.
  • Hayflick and his associates have vehemently condemned "anti-aging medicine" and criticized organizations such as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  • According to Emily Wentzell, American culture has anti-aging sentiments that have caused sexual dysfunction to become "an illness that needs treatment" instead of viewing it as a natural part of the aging process.

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