Translation for 'astigmatic' from English to Russian
астигматический {adj}
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Translation for 'astigmatic' from English to Russian

астигматический {adj}мед.оптика
Usage Examples English
  • This will compensate for the astigmatic aberration of the eye.
  • (2 volumes) with the collaboration of Carmen Barraquer-Coll his daughter, and Alejandro Arciniegas-Castilla, revising his first book as well as describing the lamellar and incisional surgical techniques developed by other ophthalmologists to modify corneal refractive power: Radial and astigmatic keratotomies, epikeratophakia and the first steps on laser refractive procedures.
  • Hal is astigmatic, and requires special glasses. A poliomyelitis victim as a child, he now requires crutches to walk.
  • In optics, the focusing action of a lens is often described in terms of pencils of rays. In addition to conical and cylindrical pencils, optics deals with astigmatic pencils as well.
  • This is not due to the structure of the cornea or lens, and it is not due to astigmatic errors.

  • Intraoperative wavefront analysis, can be used to assist the surgeon in toric lens placement and minimize astigmatic errors.
  • Also common are beams with waist positions which are different for the two transverse dimensions, called astigmatic beams.
  • The Fourier transform of an astigmatic image is usually elliptically shaped.
  • While some CRT-based displays may use digital video processing that involves image scaling using memory arrays, ultimately "display resolution" in CRT-type displays is affected by different parameters such as spot size and focus, astigmatic effects in the display corners, the color phosphor pitch shadow mask (such as Trinitron) in color displays, and the video bandwidth.
  • These distortions generally do not possess figure-of-revolution symmetry and are thus astigmatic, and slowly become permanently polished into the surface if the problems causing the distortion are not corrected.

  • The Alpins Method determines a treatment path and defined astigmatic target that in many instances is not zero, although prior to the Alpins Method zero had been a nearly unanimous, but unachievable, preference.
  • OAM can also be generated by converting a Hermite-Gaussian beam into a Laguerre-Gaussian one by using an astigmatic system with two well-aligned cylindrical lenses placed at a specific distance (see figure) in order to introduce a well-defined relative phase between horizontal and vertical Hermite-Gaussian beams.
  • Sir Isaac Newton was probably the discoverer of astigmation; the position of the astigmatic image lines was determined by Thomas Young; and the theory was developed by Allvar Gullstrand.
  • As an astigmatic myopic he was incapable of complicated nocturnal excursions; the vicarage was surrounded on the night of 17 August by a cordon of men through which he could not have penetrated; apparently incriminating dirty razors found in a police search of the vicarage were stained with rust, not blood; putatively incriminating mud found on his clothes and boots did not come from the field where the horse was slaughtered; horse hairs which police claimed to have found on his coat were probably threads; his father’s sworn oath that they had slept the night in the same room behind a locked door was disregarded.
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