Translation for 'astrometric' from English to Russian
астрометрический {adj}
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Translation for 'astrometric' from English to Russian

астрометрический {adj}астрон.
Usage Examples English
  • Preliminary astrometric measurements made with the Hipparcos space probe suggested the planet has an orbital inclination of 164.0° and a mass 15 times that of Jupiter, which would make the object a brown dwarf.
  • Using astrometric data taken from the U.S. Naval Observatory Robotic Astrometric Telescope (URAT) combined with previously collected data from the Hipparcos mission, and the newer Gaia EDR3 data release, a group of scientists at the United States Naval Observatory believe they have, with high formal confidence levels, confirmed the presence of a long-period exoplanet orbiting Epsilon Eridani.
  • Preliminary astrometric measurements suggested that the orbital inclination is 170.3°, yielding an object mass of 38 times that of Jupiter, which would make it a brown dwarf.
  • To correct for this effect, and so determine the true mass of an extrasolar planet, radial-velocity measurements can be combined with astrometric observations, which track the movement of the star across the plane of the sky, perpendicular to the line-of-sight.
  • ALMA and astrometric measurements may show orbital motion.

  • V357 Carinae is an astrometric binary, meaning its motion in the sky implies orbital motion about an invisible companion.
  • 'BD +38 3491' is the 'B' component's designation in the Bonner Durchmusterung astrometric star catalogue.
  • The Hipparcos catalogue identified Sigma Aquarii as a possible astrometric binary with an orbital period of 654 days.
  • Astrometric measurements are used by astrophysicists to constrain certain models in celestial mechanics.
  • Astrometric solving or Plate solving or Astrometric calibration of an astronomical image is a technique used in astronomy and applied on celestial images.

  • The astrometric observations by the Hipparcos spacecraft detected a significant acceleration in the proper motion of AZ Phoenicis, indicating it is an astrometric binary.
  • Michael Perryman is a British astronomer, known for his work leading the Hipparcos and Gaia space astrometric projects.
  • This object was flagged as an astrometric binary based on proper motion measurements made from the Hipparcos spacecraft.
  • The European Space Agency's astrometric satellite Gaia, launched in 2013, can approximate star positions to 7 microarcseconds (µas).
  • In 2021, astrometric observations revealed the true mass of Iota Draconis b to be 16.4 [...].

  • In 2018, Hubble astrometric observations revealed the true mass of Gamma Cephei Ab to be 9.4 [...].
  • Goffin's 2014 astrometric reanalysis gives an even lower mass of [...].
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