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NOUN   an atomic war | atomic wars
ядерная война {ж}
atomic war
Partial Matches
атомарный {adj}
атомный {adj}
атомная энергия {ж}
atomic energy
атомная бомба {ж}
atomic bomb
ядерная война {ж}
atomic warfare
атомные часы {мн}
atomic clock {sg}
война {ж}
агрессивная война {ж}
aggressive war
экономическая война {ж}economic war
информационная война {ж}information war
оборонительная война {ж}
defensive war
военный корреспондент {м}
war correspondent
таможенная война {ж}tariff war
военный плен {м}war captivity
опосредованная война {ж}
proxy war
военный преступник {м}
war criminal
военное поколение {с}war generation
война {ж} во Вьетнаме
Vietnam War
торговая война {ж}
trade war
торговая война {ж}
commercial war
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Usage Examples English
  • "Western Adventures Comics #3" was used as an example in Fredric Wertham's "Seduction of the Innocent", and in the United Kingdom "Atomic War #4", "Beyond #18" and "World War III #2" were cited as examples by Geoffrey Wagner's 1954 book on the same subject, "Parade of Pleasure — A Study of Popular Iconography in the U.S.A".
  • They theorize, from seeing time-worn gravestones and after their ship's instruments register heightened residual radiation, that a devastating atomic war had broken out in 2188, and that they are at least 200 years past that date.
  • The Stockholm Appeal was an initiative launched by the World Peace Council on 19 March 1950 to promote nuclear disarmament and prevent atomic war.
  • In 1945 the public interest in atomic warfare and weaponry inspired contributors to the "Bulletin" to attempt to inform those interested about the dangers of the nuclear arms race they knew was coming and about the destruction that atomic war could bring about.
  • In 1945 the public interest in atomic warfare and weaponry inspired contributors to the "Bulletin" to attempt to inform those interested about the dangers and destruction that atomic war could bring about.

  • This minor change ultimately leads to all-out atomic war between the major Cold War powers.
  • At the 1960 Pula Film Festival, the Yugoslav equivalent of Oscars, he won a Golden Arena for his role in Veljko Bulajić's nuclear holocaust film "Atomic War Bride".
  • Orwell is seen somewhat as a war-exhausted Brit fearing the Soviet threat along with the spectre of atomic war.
  • Adam reveals there was never an atomic war, the "bomb" was not a bomb and instead was a plane that had crashed into their house, and that the Soviet Union collapsed peacefully, ending the Cold War.
  • On the tenth anniversary of a devastating atomic war on Earth, more Proxima Centaurians arrive to continue the rebuilding of the planet.

  • In 1962, Freeman was cast as Marilyn Hayes in the post-atomic war black-and-white classic film "Panic in Year Zero!
  • In Moscow, in the context of a trade show 'supermarket' meant to demonstrate lavish consumerism, and a multimedia display assembled by Charles Eames, the collection's overtones of peace and human brotherhood symbolized a lifting of the imminent threat of an atomic war for Soviet citizens in the midst of the Cold War.
  • There does not appear to have been an Atomic War in this world, as the cities shown resembled run-down 20th Century cities rather than the Mega-Cities.
  • During their time on the planet they go on to discover the remnants of a Martian civilization destroyed long ago by atomic war and now reverted to barbarism.
  • The RAF V bomber force was initially meant to use Blue Danube as their primary armament at a time when the first hydrogen bomb had not been detonated, and the British military planners still believed that an atomic war could be fought and won using atomic bombs of similar yield to the Hiroshima bomb.

  • The point of divergence initially appears to be the Eugenics Wars where the genetic supermen were not defeated and eventually turned on each other resulting in atomic war, but works dating back to the days of ancient Greece supporting the Empire's current mindset are noted.
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