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NOUN   a back tooth | back teeth
коренные зубы {мн}back teeth
Partial Matches
зубы {мн}
зубы {noun}teeth
спина {ж}
unverified просёлочная доро́га {ж}back road
unverified привозитьbring back
прицел {м}
back sight
отход {м}
back track
отступать [несов.]
to back-track
вернуться [сов.]to go back
отступаться [несов.] [от своих прав, требований и т.п.]to back down
возвращаться [несов.]to come back
unverified возвратитьto take back
обратный {adj}back [reverse]
бэкапить [несов.] [разг.]
to back up
держаться сзади [несов.]to stand back
чёрный ход {м} [перен.]back door
непосильный {adj} [о работе]back-breaking
возвратиться [сов.]to be back
возвращать [несов.] [приносить обратно]to bring back [return]
возвращать что-л. [несов.]to give back sth.
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Usage Examples English
  • Dental sealants, which are applied by dentists, cover and protect fissures and grooves in the chewing surfaces of back teeth, preventing food from becoming trapped and thereby halt the decay process.
  • She had fillings in all of her back teeth, and her front teeth would have appeared straight even if she were to smile.
  • It has been observed in captivity that when they are fed soft food such as squid, they tend to prefer it over hard food, which can damage the back teeth.
  • They come in several different sizes, from pediatric to adult, and are typically ridged as to use the back teeth to hold them in place.
  • The front teeth are small, sharp and pointed, while the back teeth are flat and blunt.

  • The teeth are large with 12 large palate incisors followed by 2 canines and various smaller back teeth.
  • The back teeth, however, share the same general characteristics as those of most other theropods, suggesting that they served a similar function in "Masiakasaurus" such as cutting and slicing.
  • Deinotheres used their front teeth for crushing their food, and the back teeth for shearing (slicing) the plant material.
  • The back teeth were broad and flattened, and would have helped to crush the prey.
  • After the fork starts vibrating, placing it in the mouth with the stem between the back teeth ensures that one continues to hear the note via bone conduction, and both hands are free to do the tuning.

  • Despite such large back teeth, the incisors and canines were smaller than other species from the time.
  • On the other hand, the enhanced reach of a wand can make flossing the back teeth easier.
  • SoundBite Hearing System has two principal components: a behind-the-ear (BTE) microphone unit that is worn on the impaired ear and a removable, custom-made in-the-mouth (ITM) device worn on the upper, left or right back teeth.
  • The forward-most teeth are suited for capturing food, while the back teeth are adapted for food processing.
  • A vampire bat has front teeth that are specialized for cutting and the back teeth are much smaller than in other bats.

  • The jaws and teeth of Homo erectus are still large compared to those of modern humans but smaller than those of earlier hominins, particularly the back teeth.
  • Placing Dahl composite resin appliance on worn down front teeth can separate and stimulate eruption of the back teeth.
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