Translation for 'back up' from English to Russian
NOUN   a back-up | back-ups
VERB   to back up | backed up | backed up
backing up | backs up
SYNO to back | to back down | to back off | ...
бэкапить [несов.] [разг.]
to back up
Partial Matches
спина {ж}
unverified возвратитьto take back
возвращаться [несов.]to come back
unverified привозитьbring back
вернуться [сов.]to go back
непосильный {adj} [о работе]back-breaking
отступаться [несов.] [от своих прав, требований и т.п.]to back down
чёрный ход {м} [перен.]back door
прицел {м}
back sight
коренные зубы {мн}back teeth
отход {м}
back track
отступать [несов.]
to back-track
возвратиться [сов.]to be back
обратный {adj}back [reverse]
держаться сзади [несов.]to stand back
unverified просёлочная доро́га {ж}back road
возражать кому-л. [несов.] [особ. в дерзком тоне]to answer sb. back
С возвращением!Welcome back<WB>
возвращать что-л. [несов.]to give back sth.
взад и вперёд {adv}back and forth
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Usage Examples English
  • Barbara Morgan, selected as back-up teacher to Christa McAuliffe in 1985, is considered to be the first Educator astronaut by the media, but she trained as a mission specialist.
  • The installation of these cables was originally to provide the island with a secure form of backup power but now are effectively the primary source of power with the local diesel generators providing back-up.
  • , and runs a ReliOn fuel cell to provide full electric back-up to the off-the-grid residence.
  • Complex logic exists to deal with multiple failures, which may prompt the system to revert to simpler back-up modes.
  • File attachments followed the normal mail routing through multiple systems and could back up transfers all along the line as the files were copied.

  • The height was measured with on-board GPS telemetry transmitting positional data in real time to a ground-based computer and also back-up GPS data loggers for later analysis.
  • When computer files contain information that is extremely important, a "back-up" process is used to protect against disasters that might destroy the files.
  • Microlenses can bring the fill factor back up to 90 percent or more depending on pixel size and the overall system's optical design.
  • In an apparently unique version of the story, related by the sixth-century AD Pseudo-Nonnus, Heracles descended into Hades to abduct Persephone, and killed Cerberus on his way back up.
  • In 1998, Agassi began a rigorous conditioning program and worked his way back up the rankings by playing in Challenger Series tournaments, a circuit for pro players ranked outside the world's top 50.

  • Issue No. 583 (March 2009) included a back-up story in which Spider-Man meets President Barack Obama.
  • After slipping from first to sixth among athletes in 2009, she moved back up to third place among athletes in terms of search popularity in 2010.
  • Tourism in Bethlehem ground to a halt for over a decade after the Second Intifada, but gradually began to pick back up in the early 2010s.
  • The CPU core (defined in APM as the CPU clock, cache, system bus and system timers) is treated specially in APM, as it is the last device to be powered down, and the first device to be powered back up.
  • Additionally Arianespace offers optional back-up launch service on H-IIA through Launch Services Alliance.

  • By reuptaking the produced neurotransmitter, the level will go back down and ready to go back up upon excitation from a new nerve signal.
  • Under future Italy national team manager Giuseppe Viani, promotion straight back up was achieved.
  • Three C-130 Hercules were called back before their final leg because of weather.
  • On January 23, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coach and former linebackers coach for the 2000 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens Mike Smith was named the Falcons' new head coach.
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