Translation for 'backslash' from English to Russian
NOUN   a backslash | backslashes
VERB   to backslash | backslashed | backslashed
backslashing | backslashes
обратный слеш {м} <\>
backslash <\>
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Translation for 'backslash' from English to Russian

backslash <\>
обратный слеш {м} <\>информ.
Usage Examples English
  • ... e. backslash), while Unicode U+00A5 YEN SIGN is given a one-way "best fit" mapping to 0x5C in code page 932, and 0x5C is displayed as a backslash in Microsoft's documentation for code page 932, essentially making it a backslash given the appearance of a yen sign by localized fonts.
  • For every sublevel in which a backslash is contained, it must be escaped for the level above it, and then all the backslashes used to escape that backslash as well as the original backslash, must be escaped, and so on and so forth for "every" level that is ascended.
  • Some implementations offer varying support for an escape character, typically with the backslash (...) following the C syntax.
  • C, C++, Java, and Ruby all allow exactly the same two backslash escape styles.
  • See below for configuration and options concerning what matches backslash-R.

  • immediately before a newline) is a backslash, then the backslash-newline combination (and any spaces or tabs immediately following the newline) are replaced by a single space.
  • Malgun Gothic does not display the backslash [...] typographical mark.
  • To support computers that lacked the backslash character, the C trigraph [...] was added, which is equivalent to a backslash.
  • Haskell uses a concise syntax for anonymous functions (lambda expressions). The backslash is supposed to resemble &lambda;.
  • This definition used [...] (backslash) for the describing comment.

  • Some variants of the ANSI keyboard layout create a double-height return key by subsuming the backslash [...] key into it.
  • A slash in the reverse direction [...] is known as a backslash.
  • String values do not require a &lt;Value type&gt; (see example), but backslashes ('\') need to be written as a double-backslash ('\\'), and quotes ('"') as backslash-quote ('\"').
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