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кроветворение {с}
blood formation
Partial Matches
формация {ж}formation
комплексообразование {с}complex formation
словообразование {с}
word formation
почвообразование {с}
soil formation
кровь {ж}blood
тромбоцит {м}
(blood) platelet
кровяная колбаса {ж}
blood sausage
кровавый фазан {м} [Ithaginis cruentus]
blood pheasant
донорство {с} крови
blood donation
кроветворный {adj}
венозная кровь {ж}
venous blood
эритроцит {м}
red blood cell <RBC>
Кровь Ворона – Пробуждение во тьме
Raven Blood – Awakened in the Dead of Night [Marcel Weyers]
Гарри Поттер и принц-полукровка [Дж. К. Роулинг]
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [Joanne K. Rowling]
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Usage Examples English
  • Given systemically it inhibits blood formation, causing leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and anemia.
  • Funke also performed research of blood formation in the spleen, and investigations into the effects of curare.
  • The expansion of these cells ex-vivo (outside the body) would allow advances in bone marrow transplantation, in which HSCs are transferred to a patient to re-establish blood formation.
  • The blood islands and vessels "outside" of the embryo is initially the sole source of blood cells and plasma, beginning 3 weeks after fertilization. Blood formation inside the embryo proper begins around 5 weeks after fertilization in the liver, and at the twelfth week in the spleen, red bone marrow and thymus.
  • The transcription factor encoded by the CDX4 gene participates in the formation of extra-embryonic tissues, anterior-posterior patterning and blood formation during embryogenesis.

  • Polychromasia is a disorder where there is an abnormally high number of immature red blood cells found in the bloodstream as a result of being prematurely released from the bone marrow during blood formation ("poly"- refers to "many", and "-chromasia" means "color".) These cells are often shades of grayish-blue.
  • Zebrafish blood formation is similar to that of humans, and several mutants have disorders resembling human disease.
  • Also known as cobalamin, B12 is an essential vitamin necessary for normal blood formation. It is also important for the maintenance of neurological function and psychiatric health.
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