Translation for 'bloodletting' from English to Russian
NOUN   a bloodletting | bloodlettings
SYNO battue | bloodbath | bloodletting | ...
кровопускание {с} [тж. перен.]
bloodletting [also fig.]
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Translation for 'bloodletting' from English to Russian

bloodletting [also fig.]
кровопускание {с} [тж. перен.]ист.мед.
Usage Examples English
  • Early "phlebotomists" used techniques such as leeches and incision to extract blood from the body. Bloodletting was used as a therapeutic as well as a prophylactic process, thought to remove toxins from the body and to balance the humors.
  • In 2005 several English clubs forbade her performing the display of bloodletting, because it violates English laws against the incitement to commit suicide.
  • Bloodletting was the ritualized self-cutting or piercing of an individual's body that served a number of ideological and cultural functions within ancient Mesoamerican societies, in particular the Maya.
  • Human sacrifice pervades Moche culture through the use of funerary rituals providing guardians to high status individuals and the ritualistic battles that utilized defeated Moche warriors as sacrificial victims to a bloodletting ceremony.
  • Urdaneta City celebrates Dumayo Festival annually March 18 – 31: Basbas ng Pag-iisang Dibdib (free mass wedding), bloodletting activity, tree planting for environment preservation, jobs fair and fun run for a cause.

  • At the time of his election in 1878, the Pope had started to experience a slight tremor in his hand due to a poorly undertaken bloodletting procedure for a previous malady.
  • Violence - May contain restrained portrayals of non-graphic violence, portrayals of violence with some bloodletting and/or tissue damage, and frequent more prolonged portrayals of violence resulting in bloodletting and tissue damage.
  • In modern evidence-based medicine, bloodletting is used in management of a few rare diseases, including hemochromatosis and polycythemia.
  • Bodily sacrifice was commonplace in dedication rituals, whether in bloodletting or sacrificing a war victim, one of the many sacrificial rituals employed in Mesoamerica and perhaps during war the chief's daughter just for good luck .
  • This treatment was considered controversial, as most physicians were still treating malaria by bloodletting the patient and administering calomel.

  • Leech is an English surname, originally denoting a physician (in reference to the medical practice of bloodletting).
  • He is then accused of having no skill in bloodletting and being obliged to flee again.
  • The Vision Serpent is prevalent in bloodletting ceremonies, in Maya religious practices, Maya jewelry, pottery and their architecture.
  • They dedicated the largest temple with "feasting, bloodletting, and burning of incense".
  • Mearsheimer describes a similar strategy which he calls "bloodletting", which does not involve incitement or baiting by a third party.

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