Translation for 'bloodshot' from English to Russian
налитый кровью {adj} [о глазах]bloodshot
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Translation for 'bloodshot' from English to Russian

налитый кровью {adj} [о глазах]
Usage Examples English
  • His eyes are bloodshot.
  • Both had facial scratches and bruises and Garvey had a bloodshot left eye where it appeared a finger or thumb had been inserted by Sutton.
  • His stubbled face is heavily lined with the onset of middle age, and his eyes are semi-bloodshot.
  • Jordaens' positioning of the eagle, the backwards, heroically-nude bloodshot-eyed Prometheus as well as the depiction of the punishment and pain through spastic twisting and contorted movements, are also common themes in Rubens' version.
  • "Teashades" was also used to describe glasses worn to hide the effects of recreational drugs such as marijuana (conjunctival injection) or heroin (pupillary constriction) or just bloodshot eyes.

  • His right eye is larger than the other and appears to be bloodshot.
  • officers noticed an odor of alcohol and observed that Mackie had bloodshot eyes, He was fined $300, ordered to complete a drunk driving program and was banned from the road for 90 days in New York state for the violation.
  • Both the common and species names refer to the appearance of the pods when first open in late spring: each shiny black seed is encircled by a thick orange-red stalk, resembling a bloodshot eye.
  • Despite his determination, playing with a bloodshot eye and wearing a clear plastic mask in the field, the Giants lost the National League West on the last day of the season.
  • For instance, one story is that former United States President Andrew Jackson requested ham with gravy as red as his cook's eyes, which were bloodshot from drinking the night before, or that the black coffee in the gravy will keep people awake.

  • Described as having yellow and brown bloodshot eyes.
  • Side effects such as grittiness, watering, blurred vision, double vision or a red or bloodshot eye may occur, and will usually clear over a few days. Full recovery can take four to six weeks.
  • These included colored contact lenses, prosthetics to make his veins appear to pulse and gel was added to his eyes to make them bloodshot.
  • Other less common or rare non-specific symptoms that may accompany colitis include: arthritis, mouth ulcers, painful, red and swollen skin and irritated, bloodshot eyes.
  • That night, Roarke dreams of the dark-haired woman again, and at the end of the dream, the woman opens her eyes - which are bloodshot and she opens her mouth to emit a scream just like the creatures he has been hunting.

  • The critic from "The Indian Express" criticised the performance of Shiva, saying he "has miles to go before he can put up a credible performance" and added that Rajesh "with bloodshot eyes does not look quite comfortable in his villainy".
  • A fly landed on Pence's head during the debate and Pence's left eye appeared bloodshot, attracting commentary and spawning internet memes and a popular Halloween costume.
  • The lawyer Wilhelm Hallermann summed the murder case of 11-year-old Gustav Thomas (found in a pine forest near Wittenberge), that due to microscopic examinations, the bloodshot pressure indicated strangulation.
  • Because she was distributing leaflets, Sturm received a powerful blow to her face, leaving her eyes bloodshot.
  • According to police, Eagle had bloodshot eyes, was staggering and smelling of alcohol.

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