Translation for 'bony' from English to Russian
ADJ   bony | bonier | boniest
SYNO boney | bony | cadaverous | ...
костлявый {adj}bony
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Translation for 'bony' from English to Russian

костлявый {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Sturgeons retain several primitive characteristics from the bony fishes.
  • Odontodes typically cover the body of chondrichthyans (cartilaginous fishes), while mineralized dermal scales are characteristic of bony fishes.
  • This is one of the bony divisions of the ethmoid bone and is mostly contained inside the ethmoid labyrinth.
  • The bony labyrinth, or osseous labyrinth, is the network of passages with bony walls lined with periosteum.
  • If the anatomy (bony alignment) is not properly restored, function may remain poor even after healing.

  • In bony fish, the gills lie in a branchial chamber covered by a bony operculum.
  • The inner ear has two parts: the bony labyrinth and the membranous labyrinth.
  • The bony tongue is used to scrape cylinders of dried guarana, an ingredient in some beverages, and the bony scales are used as nail files.
  • The degree of bony abnormality will dictate the most effective method for alveoloplasty.
  • This means that in contrast to the previous idea that cartilaginous fish were jawed vertebrates that evolved before the advent of a bony skeleton, cartilaginous fish in fact evolved from bony ancestors.

  • The properties defining the sarcopterygians are in contrast to the other group of bony fish, the Actinopterygii, which have ray-fins made of bony rods, called "lepidotrichia".
  • In bony fish, the gills lie in a branchial chamber covered by a bony operculum.
  • Bony fishes, class Osteichthyes, are characterised by bony skeleton rather than cartilage.
  • The carapace and plastron are not connected by bony prominences and the plastron shows bony plates reduced to small protrusions.
  • The Beluga sturgeon is the largest species of freshwater bony fish extant today, and "Arapaima gigas" is among the largest of the freshwater fish.

  • Palpation above the elbow joint may reveal a bony consistency.
  • Examples among the non-bony fish include the lamprey. Among the bony fish, mechanisms are varied.
  • "Opsithrissops" is an extinct genus of prehistoric bony fish that lived during the Thanetian stage of the Paleocene epoch.
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