Translation for 'bright' from English to Russian
ADJ   bright | brighter | brightest
NOUN   bright | brights
SYNO bright | brightly | brilliant | ...
яркий {adj}bright
умный {adj}bright [intelligent]
unverified Надо быть оптимистомAlways look at the bright side of life
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Usage Examples English
  • The paths of bright moving objects become clearly visible—clouds form broad bands, vehicle lights draw bright streaks, stars leave trails in the sky, and water waves appear smooth.
  • Bright points are small active regions found on the solar disk. X-ray bright points were first detected on April 8, 1969, during a rocket flight.
  • Acetylene produced an ultra-bright white light which superseded the less bright LPG as the fuel of choice for lighthouse illumination.
  • A bright-line rule (or bright-line test) is a clearly defined rule or standard, composed of objective factors, which leaves little or no room for varying interpretation.
  • Bertha is a female Germanic name, from Old High German "berhta" meaning "bright one".

  • This is the nearest group to the Local Group to combine bright spirals and a bright elliptical galaxy (Messier 105).
  • Victoria Bright founded the Bright Minds Foundation, a non-profit organisation which provides support to voiceless and marginalised children to protect them from cruelty and abuse.
  • Discovered on August 18, 1900 by astronomer DeLisle Stewart, this galaxy is composed of bright stars, with bright pockets — marking bursts of new star formation — scattered around its edges.
  • The smartphone has a changeable shell: bright orange, bright green, bright yellow, matte black, white.
  • So the idea works by first deducing what neurons firing bright green hold which specific task the mouse was doing, then ionizing less than 1% of the neurons firing bright green, then check to see what the mouse remembers after ionizing the neurons that fired bright green.

  • The traditional Khiamniungan attires consist of bright red and bright deep blue colored dresses. The ornaments are made of cowries and conch shells.
  • Type of the added brighteners and their concentrations determine the deposit appearance: brilliant, bright, semi-bright, satin.
  • Moreover, Berkel is surrounded by a blanket of bright ejecta and a system of bright rays.
  • And the Bright Lady eventually turns out to be just another side of the Dark Lady.
  • In keeping with the pattern of the naming the "Algol"-class ships after bright stars, "Algol" was named after the bright eclipsing binary star Algol, known colloquially as the Demon Star, which is a bright star in the constellation Perseus.

  • The larvae feed on various woody plants, including coontie, cabbage palmetto, crotons, lupine, oak and persimmon. They are bright orange with black and yellow bands and bright white spiracles.
  • The name Mahagauri translates to extremely bright, clean complexioned, with a shine like the moon. (Mahā, महा = great; Gaurī, गौरी = bright, clean).
  • "Brenthis daphne" has a wingspan of [...]. The chrysalis has two dorsal rows of thorns with bright spots and a bright metallic shine.
  • "Cirrhilabrus shutmani" shares similar meristic counts to the other species in its complex, but differs from congeners in the following details: upper part of nape dusky red; dorsal and anal fin bright red dusky markings; pelvic fins bright red, dusky, and unmarked; caudal fin bright yellow basally with distal half bright red.
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