Translation for 'calm' from English to Russian
ADJ   calm | calmer / more calm | calmest / most calm
NOUN1   a calm | calms
NOUN2   calm | -
VERB   to calm | calmed | calmed
calming | calms
SYNO calm | calm air | calmness | ...
спокойный {adj}calm
тихий {adj} [спокойный]calm
покойный {adj} [устр.] [тихий, спокойный]calm
спокойствие {с}calm
успокаиваться [несов.]to calm down
сохранять спокойствиеto keep calm
сохранять спокойствие [несов.]to remain calm
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Usage Examples English
  • Baltar's attempts to talk to the Hybrid seem to calm it somewhat, but Roslin's attempts to do the same do not.
  • Treatment for the underlying causes of racing thoughts is helpful and useful in order to calm the racing thoughts more permanently.
  • "Mr. Calm" is the 50th book in the Mr. Men series. He is one of two characters voted to become an official character by the public.
  • "Calm water transportation efficiency" of a vessel is proportional to the full-load displacement and the maximum calm-water speed, divided by the corresponding power required.
  • It was found that elite archers had a state of both mental calm and concentration when they released while mid-level archers lacked a state of mental calm yet had a high concentration.

  • In June 2020, a new campaign was released, still featuring Berry on narration duties, but this time, focusing on a “money calm” bull who remains calm even in chaotic situations, a play on the idiom "bull in a China shop".
  • Costa Calma, or the calm coast, got its name from the fact that the prevailing western winds normally leave this part of the coast and its waters protected and calm.
  • The phrase "calm technology" was first published in the article "Designing Calm Technology", written by Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown in 1995.
  • Electric Calm is a series in the chill or "calm" side of electronica while Afterhours is similar to the "Back to Mine" series.
  • Eastern Christian monasticism cultivated practices of detached watchfulness which were designed to calm the passions and lead to an ongoing state of calm detachment known as apatheia.

  • Huntsman and Barber (1977) hypothesized that high productivity results from alternating upwelling events and relatively calm periods.
  • The "Seaverns" sank during calm weather. As she was backing away from the dock, the struck a rock and began taking on water.
  • On 9 July, Home Minister Rajnath Singh appealed for peace and calm in Kashmir.
  • After Narasimha killed the demon Hranyakashyapu, the devas or demigods were unable to calm his fury.
  • Galene (Ancient Greek: Γαλήνη "Galênê" means 'calm weather' or 'calm, tranquility' Hesiod enumerates her as one of the 50 Nereids, sea-nymph daughters of the 'Old Man of the Sea' Nereus and the Oceanid Doris, perhaps identical with her sister Galatea. ...

  • As trans-equator sea voyages became more common, sailors in the eighteenth century named this belt of calm "the doldrums" because of the calm, stagnant, or inactive winds.
  • Love appears in all his work in a calm and calm way, as well as memory and recollection.
  • Was he calm, Oh Maiden, was he calm?
  • The first is a powerful 20-foot plunge in which the relatively calm river suddenly attains chaotic state.
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