Translation for 'can opener' from English to Russian
NOUN1   a can-opener | can-openers
NOUN2   a can opener | can openers
SYNO can opener | tin opener
консервный нож {м}
can opener
Partial Matches
консервный нож {м}
tin opener [Br.]
канкан {м}
лейка {ж} [для поливки]watering can
[мы] можем[we] can
консервная банка {ж}can [sealed container]
урна {ж} [для мусора]trash can [Am.]
Ничего не поделаешь.It can't be helped.
Можно я возьму это с собой?Can I take this with me?
Ему что-нибудь передать?Can I take a message for him?
Ей что-нибудь передать?Can I take a message for her?
Дурная голова ногам покоя не даёт.
Those who can't use their head must use their back.
Мавр сделал свое дело, мавр может уходить. [из пьесы "Заговор Фиеско в Генуе" Иоганна Фридриха Шиллера]
The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go. [after: Fiesco's Conspiracy at Genoa]
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Usage Examples English
  • She was an early proponent of convenience food: her books included "The Can Opener Cookbook" (1951) and "The Bride's Cookbook" (1954).
  • Originally running to ten songs, the first CD edition included extra bonus tracks, all taken from singles, while later pressings have added a further six, including the comedic spoken number "The Can Opener".
  • The can opener (in Judo referred to as "kubi-hishigi") is a hyperflexing neck crank that can be applied from the opponent's guard or from a mounted position, by grabbing the opponent's head using the hands, and forcing it towards the chest of the opponent.
  • This does not deter Zack in the least and he eventually sneaks onto her property and mutilates her with a can opener.
  • William Worcester Lyman (March 29, 1821 – November 15, 1891) was an American inventor from Meriden, Connecticut. He is credited with inventing the first rotating wheel can opener.

  • Warner of Waterbury, Connecticut was an American inventor, who patented his design of a can opener in 1858.
  • In the end, back in South Park, Kenny's family give their Thanksgiving blessings as they prepare to eat a can of green beans, but realize afterward that they do not have a can opener.
  • During the 1995 budget debates, after Democrats claimed that Social Security payments would leave seniors with no choice but to eat dog food, Rush Limbaugh said in jest that he was going to get his mother a can opener.
  • The first, on March 15, 2012, was GE ES44AC #8098 in Conrail blue with the "can opener" logo.
  • Late production meals added a paper-wrapped paddle-like disposable wooden spoon and used the standard P-38 can opener instead of the "twist key".

  • Another variant has an end that resembles a lever-type can opener, used for making large holes for access or ventilation in sheet metal.
  • In addition to his religious and political work, Klassen was an electrical engineer and he was also the inventor of a wall-mounted electric can-opener.
  • Fraze had forgotten to bring a can opener and was forced to use a car bumper to open a can of beer.
  • This desire is finally fulfilled in the episode "Bendin' in the Wind": an accident involving a giant can opener leaves him with a mutilated chest and paralyzed from the neck down.
  • Reusable spouts were made separately from the cans; with a piercing point like that of a can opener, these spouts could be used to puncture the top of the can and to provide an easy way to pour the oil.

  • Around the time of World War II, several can openers were developed for military use, such as the American P-38 and P-51.
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