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NOUN   a car | cars
SYNO auto | automobile | cable car | ...
машина {ж} [разг.] [автомобиль]
автомобиль {м}
2 Words
вагон-буфет {м}buffet car [Br.]
вагон-ресторан {м}buffet car [Br.]
автозавод {м}
car factory
автомобильный паром {м}car ferry
автомобильный ключ {м}
car key
автостоянка {ж}car park [esp. Br.]
[совместная эксплуатация автомобиля группой попутчиков, как правило, для ежедневых поездок] {noun}car pool
автогонка {ж}car race
каршеринг {м}
car sharing
автосалон {м} [магазин]
car showroom
вагон-ресторан {м}
dining car
автомобиль {м}
motor car [esp. Br.]
машина {ж} [разг.] [автомобиль]
motor car [esp. Br.]
полицейская машина {ж}panda car [Br.]
личный автомобиль {м}
private car
3 Words
автокосметика {ж}
car care products
гонка {ж} на серийных автомобиляхstock car racing
4 Words
садиться в машину [несов.]to get into a car
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Usage Examples English
  • Rental car services are provided by Hertz Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Car Rental, National Car Rental, and Budget Rent a Car.
  • A self-driving car, also known as an autonomous car, driver-less car, or robotic car (robo-car), Nuro began autonomous commercial delivery operations in California in 2021.
  • The "Marine Liner" service was introduced in April 1988, using 3-car 213 series EMUs formed as three-car, six-car, or nine-car formations.
  • The cars that form a complete EMU set can usually be separated by function into four types: power car, motor car, driving car, and trailer car.
  • The Scooby Coupe: The gang goes to a car show, to interview a car-maker about his new sports car, but the car is haunted.

  • The following lists contains all Maserati production car, racing car and concept car models.
  • The Uckfield-London Bridge and Uckfield-Oxted services use both the two-car and the four-car units.
  • A complete three-car trainset consists of one driving motor car (DM1), one trailer car (T) and another driving motor car (DM2) coupled together.
  • Three main car models are in the Modarrii lineup: The S1 Street Car, X1 Dirt Car and T1 Track Car. An additional car, the Modarri DIY Car, is a paint-it-yourself version of the S1 Street Car.
  • Mobivia is a French based company group which focuses on car repairs, car accessories and car parts.

  • There are three types of C3 cars: cab car with toilet (C Car), trailer car (T Car), and trailer car with toilet (TT car). The C car is normally at the opposite end of a consist from the locomotive.
  • The first 3000 series trains were built as two-car sets, but the fleet was gradually lengthened to four-car, six-car, and finally eight-car formations, as shown below.
  • From 18 November 2013, one car (car 3 in 7- and 10-car formations, and cars 3 and 10 in 14-car formations) was designated as a reserved-seating car.
  • Car ownership is the ownership of a car. Car ownership typically requires far fewer permits than driving that car on public roads (i.e. driver's license, car insurance, etc.).
  • The train was formed as follows, with car 1 at the Tokyo end. Car 11 was a Green (first class) car, and car 9 had a buffet counter.

  • The 22679 / 80 Yesvantpur Junction - Hassan Intercity Express has one AC chair car, 3 Chair car, 11 general unreserved & two generator car coaches . It does not carry a pantry car coach.
  • ER2 motor car weighs [...] , cab car - [...] , trailer car - [...].
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