Translation for 'centralization' from English to Russian
NOUN   a centralization | centralizations
SYNO centralisation | centralization
централизация {ж}centralization
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Translation for 'centralization' from English to Russian

централизация {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • The Mali Empire was the second in a wave of successive states forged in the Sahel and Sudan characterized by stronger and stronger centralization.
  • • Continue discussion of consolidation/centralization issues.
  • Maurras is an opponent of Napoleonic centralization.
  • At the time of centralization Glenwood Landing School was considered preferable because of its facilities and staff.
  • In the early modern period, laws in France gradually went through unification, rationalization, and centralization.

  • When comparing the EES and social inclusion OMC, Pochet (2005: 43) notes that the first seems to go more in a direction of centralization, naming and shaming without any broad discussion about the content on the European level (top-down).
  • By contrast, Dong advocated cultural centralization, placing Heaven and its mandate before all other concepts.
  • Historians have described the history of governments and empires in terms of centralization and decentralization.
  • A common theme which was unavoidable for Kelsen within the many applications he encountered of his political philosophy was that of centralization and decentralization.
  • In 1899, township officials began to study the concept of centralization and consolidating schools into a single building.

  • The main goal of centralization is to increase hand function by positioning the hand over the distal ulna, and stabilizing the wrist in straight position.
  • As /i/ is a front vowel, centralization involves a position further back while in the case of /u/, a back vowel, centralization involves a position further front in the mouth.
  • Contemporary organized crime may be very different from traditional Mafia style, particularly in terms of the distribution and centralization of power, authority structures and the concept of 'control' over one's territory and organization.
  • African American residential centralization, which started in the postbellum and Great Migration periods, continues to have a negative impact on employment rates (Herrington et al.:169).
  • Klimovich now contended that Islam resulted from a process of “feudalization” and centralization of the Arabic tribes, which was reflected in the centralization of the religious cults in the Kaaba.

  • The authors report that there's a weak correlation between project size and centralization, with smaller projects being more centralized and larger projects showing less centralization.
  • However, since the IPA does not specify the exact amount of centralization that centralized vowels have, the symbols [...] and [...] can in modern transcriptions be used at times to transcribe fully central vowels, or vowels that have a variable amount of centralization.
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