Translation for 'centre of mass' from English to Russian
NOUN   a centre of mass | centres of mass
SYNO center of mass | centre of mass
центр {м} масс
centre of mass [Br.]
центромасса {ж}
centre of mass [Br.]
Partial Matches
водная масса {ж}
mass of water
центромасса {ж}
center of mass [Am.]
центр {м} масс
center of mass [Am.]
дворец {м} спорта
sports centre [Br.]
центр {м} (города)city centre [Br.]
масса {ж}
массовый убийца {м}mass murderer
водная масса {ж}
water mass
средства {мн} массовой информации <СМИ>(mass) media {pl}
массовая истерия {ж}
mass hysteria
массовая безработица {ж}
mass unemployment
месса {ж}
mass [RC]
молярная масса {ж}
molar mass <M>
масс-спектрометрия {ж}
mass spectrometry <MS>
индекс {м} массы тела <ИМТ>
body mass index <BMI>
за пределами {adv}outside (of)
unverified наводя́щий на мы́сли (о)suggestive (of)
из-за {prep} [+gen.]because of
куча [+gen.] [разг.] [множество]plenty of
убедить в [+prep.] [сов.]to convince of
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Usage Examples English
  • This attachment point allows for better balance in some situations such as when carrying a heavy pack (as the centre of mass is above the connection to the rope) and when the person in the harness may be unable to maintain an upright position (due to injury or other influences).
  • During development, it was found that the comparatively heavy rear-mounted engine moved the centre of mass of the vehicle rearwards.
  • Calculated proper motion of the centre of mass for Alpha Centauri AB is about 3620 mas/y (milliarcseconds per year) toward the west and 694 mas/y toward the north, giving an overall motion of 3686 mas/y in a direction 11° north of west.
  • The advantages of flat engines are a short length, low centre of mass and suitability for air cooling.
  • The experimental determination of a body's centre of mass makes use of gravity forces on the body and is based on the fact that the centre of mass is the same as the centre of gravity in the parallel gravity field near the earth's surface.

  • A binary star system consists of two stars that orbit around their common centre of mass.
  • As it expands, the nozzle collimates the gas into a uniform supersonic beam, which is essentially collision-free and has a temperature that, in the centre-of-mass frame, can be significantly below that of the reservoir gas.
  • If we assume that the masses are not equal, then this equation tells us that the smaller mass remains farther from the centre of mass than does the larger mass.
  • Another difference concerns the movement of the centre of mass of the body.
  • His technique was used to accumulate intense beams of antiprotons for head-on collision with counter-rotating proton beams at 540 GeV centre-of-mass energy or 270 GeV per beam in the Super Proton Synchrotron at CERN.

  • Just as for angular velocity, there are two special types of angular momentum of an object: the "spin angular momentum" is the angular momentum about the object's centre of mass, while the "orbital angular momentum" is the angular momentum about a chosen center of rotation.
  • Sailing yachts, especially racing yachts, are designed to be stiff, meaning the distance between the centre of mass and the metacentre is very large in order to resist the heeling effect of the wind on the sails.
  • On tandem bicycles and other long-wheel-base bicycles (including recumbents and other specialized bicycles), the lower relative centre of mass makes it virtually impossible for heavy front braking to flip the bicycle; the front wheel would skid first.
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