Translation for 'centroid' from English to Russian
NOUN   centroid | centroids
центроид {м}
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Translation for 'centroid' from English to Russian

центроид {м}мат.
Usage Examples English
  • Both sets of coordinates must be translated first, so that their centroid coincides with the origin of the coordinate system.
  • The centroid of a cone or pyramid is located on the line segment that connects the apex to the centroid of the base.
  • Firstly, the centroid of the SUSAN is found. A proper corner will have the centroid far from the nucleus.
  • The centroid of a pyramid is located on the line segment that connects the apex to the centroid of the base. For a solid pyramid, the centroid is 1/4 the distance from the base to the apex.
  • The Cp rings rotate with a low barrier about the Cp(centroid)–Fe–Cp(centroid) axis, as observed by measurements on substituted derivatives of ferrocene using 1H and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

  • Beginning in 2005, geocoding platforms included parcel-centroid geocoding.
  • The three medians intersect in a single point, the triangle's centroid or geometric barycenter, usually denoted by G.
  • In a tetrahedron a median is a line segment that connects a vertex with the centroid of the opposite face – that is, the centroid of the opposite triangle.
  • The representation of the categories of qualitative variables is as in MCA : a category is at the centroid of the individuals who possess it.
  • Another remarkable line in a convex non-parallelogram quadrilateral is the Newton line, which connects the midpoints of the diagonals, the segment connecting these points being bisected by the vertex centroid.

  • In machine learning, a nearest centroid classifier or nearest prototype classifier is a classification model that assigns to observations the label of the class of training samples whose mean (centroid) is closest to the observation.
  • The centroid of the marker is estimated as a position within the two-dimensional image that is captured.
  • Cluster-internal labeling can use a variety of methods, such as finding terms that occur frequently in the centroid or finding the document that lies closest to the centroid.
  • B) Because an arbitrary triangle is the affine image of an equilateral triangle, an ellipse is the affine image of the unit circle and the centroid of a triangle is mapped onto the centroid of the image triangle, the property (a unique circumellipse with the centroid as center) is true for any triangle.
  • The isotomic conjugate of the centroid of triangle [...] is the centroid itself.

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