Translation for 'chop' from English to Russian
NOUN   a chop | chops
VERB   to chop | chopped | chopped
chopping | chops
SYNO chop | chopper | chop shot | ...
рубить [несов.]to chop
отбивная котлета {ж}
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Translation for 'chop' from English to Russian

to chop
рубить [несов.]

отбивная котлета {ж}гастр.
Usage Examples English
  • Supply Corps officers are often called "Pork Chop" within the wardroom, a reference to the Supply Corps oak leaf insignia's superficial resemblance to a pork chop.
  • "Brooklyn Eagle" which offers a rich description of Chinese cooking, in which he says "chop soly", that is, Chop Suey "may justly be called the national dish of China" (though it is not the dish usually called Chop Suey in the United States).
  • Because of its illegal nature, chop-chop is often transported and stored in a clandestine manner.
  • Panskura is famous for its popular Panskurar Chop (Panskurar aloor chop) made out of boiled potatoes, besan (gram flour) (khaasareer daal) and various spices.
  • The company chop plays a central role in the two-year dispute between Arm Ltd. and its Chinese subsidiary. A rogue CEO kept control of the chop, preventing many avenues of firing.

  • A chop shop is a business, often mimicking a body shop, that illicitly disassembles stolen motor vehicles and sells their parts.
  • A common misnomer that is sometimes used to refer to a miter saw is the chop saw.
  • The Atlanta Braves tomahawk chop and name controversy involves the name and tomahawk chop tradition by the Atlanta Braves, an American Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise.
  • The tomahawk chop has evolved into a pregame tradition at home games.
  • The mechanics of wood removal for the Standing Block or Vertical chop are similar to those of the underhand, however, because the log is set vertically, the technique involved is different from the underhand chop.

  • Wash and chop (or crush) the cherry plums in the form of cubes. Chop garlic, basil and coriander in very small pieces and add into the cherry plums. Then add the salt and mix together.
  • and Stephen the Levite, The Chop Chop calls all hearers to take the meat of God's weighty truth and "chop it up," chew it until it becomes a part of them.
  • A fairly modern development is the 'chop cup'. This cup was invented around 1954 by Al Wheatley who performed a Chinese-costumed act with the name "Chop Chop".
  • Boneless pork chops are one of five types of pork chop, are "easier to work with", and can be used as a filling for sandwiches, but can become dry and tough if not cooked properly, according to the "Wall Street Journal," which recommends not cooking to above an internal temperature of [...].
  • Using a five-pound single-bit axe, competitors chop through a vertical standing aspen log [...] in diameter and [...] long.

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