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NOUN   choral music | -
хоровая музыка {ж}
choral music
Partial Matches
музыка {ж}music
музыкальный ансамбль {м}
music ensemble
музыкальный бизнес {м}
music industry
музыкальный видеоклип {м}
music video
музыкальный видеоклип {м}
music clip
музыкальный бизнес {м}
music business
музыкальная премия {ж}
music award
музыкальная группа {ж}
music group
музыкальная индустрия {ж}
music industry
музыкальный альбом {м}
music album
музыкальный фестиваль {м}
music festival
салонная музыка {ж}
salon music
музыкотерапия {ж}
music therapy
пюпитр {м} [для нот]
music stand
классическая музыка {ж}
classical music
музыкальная шкатулка {ж}music box
этническая музыка {ж}
ethnic music
камерная музыка {ж}
chamber music
музицировать [несов.]to play music
музыкальный слух {м}
ear for music
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Usage Examples English
  • The choral music piece "Earthrise" by Luke Byrne commemorates the mission. The piece was premièred on January 19, 2020, by Sydney Philharmonia Choirs at the Sydney Opera House.
  • The Cathedral Chamber Choir is formed of 30 professional adult singers from across Hampshire, and provide choral music for school holidays when the boy and girl choirs are on break, except for Easter and Christmas.
  • As well as about 46 operas, Vivaldi composed a large body of sacred choral music, such as the Magnificat RV 610. Other works include sinfonias, about 90 sonatas and chamber music.
  • The dominant theme in the sumptuous sculptural decor of the concert hall is choral music, something that might be expected in an auditorium commissioned by a choral society.
  • Holmfirth Choral Society hold regular classical choral music concerts in Holmfirth Civic Hall and the Holme Valley Orchestra plays throughout the year.

  • His output included symphonies, stage works, chamber music, choral music and electronic music.
  • In choral music for mixed voices, "alto" describes the lowest part commonly sung by women.
  • The soprano's vocal range (using scientific pitch notation) is from approximately middle C (C4) = 261 Hz to "high A" (A5) = 880 Hz in choral music, or to "soprano C" (C6, two octaves above middle C) = 1046 Hz or higher in operatic music.
  • He produced a wide-ranging survey of the music of Schoenberg, including "Gurrelieder" and "Moses und Aron" (with the BBC Symphony Orchestra), as well as less well-known works such as the unaccompanied choral music.
  • Weber's contribution to vocal and choral music is also significant.

  • Independent instrumental accompaniment opened up new possibilities for choral music.
  • The wedding of Queen Victoria's daughter Victoria, to Prince Fredrick William of Prussia in 1858 also introduced choral music to the processional when standard practice had been to have music of any kind only during a party after the wedding ceremony.
  • In Lithuania, choral music is very important. Vilnius is the only city with three choirs laureates (Brevis, Jauna Muzika and Chamber Choir of the Conservatoire) at the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing.
  • A part song, part-song or partsong is a form of choral music that consists of a secular (vs. ...
  • It also was used in church music both for instrumental service music and as a doubling instrument for choral music.

  • The instrument has also been used in opera and choral music.
  • Wax phonograph cylinder recordings of Handel's choral music made on June 29, 1888, at The Crystal Palace in London were thought to be the oldest-known surviving musical recordings, until the recent playback by a group of American historians of a phonautograph recording of "Au clair de la lune" made on April 9, 1860.
  • Jingles are brief, bright pieces of choral music that promote the station's call letters, frequency and sometimes disc-jockey or program segment.
  • In Lithuania, choral music is very important. Vilnius is the only city with three choirs laureates (Brevis, Jauna Muzika and Chamber Choir of the Conservatoire) at the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing.
  • Puritans eliminated choral music and musical instruments in their religious services because these were associated with Roman Catholicism; however, singing the Psalms was considered appropriate (see Exclusive psalmody).

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