Translation for 'circle of fifths' from English to Russian
квинтовый круг {м}
circle of fifths
Partial Matches
круг {м}circle
полярный круг {м}
polar circle
кружок {м}(small) circle
Северный полярный круг {м}
Arctic Circle
Миссис Паркер и порочный круг [Алан Рудольф]
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle [Alan Rudolph]
ложка {ж} [+gen.]spoonful of
куча [+gen.] [разг.] [множество]plenty of
убедить в [+prep.] [сов.]to convince of
unverified наводя́щий на мы́сли (о)suggestive (of)
за пределами {adv}outside (of)
вместо {prep} [+gen.]instead of
конечно {adv}of course
из-за {prep} [+gen.]because of
потеря {ж} памяти
loss of memory
коноплеводство {с}
cultivation of hemp
коноплеводство {с}
growing of hemp
собачий лай {м}barking of dogs
приступ {м} кашля
fit of coughing
малярийный пароксизм {м}
attack of malaria
птичий щебет {м}
twittering of birds
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Usage Examples English
  • The circle of fifths organizes pitches in a sequence of perfect fifths, generally shown as a circle with the pitches (and their corresponding keys) in a clockwise progression.
  • Many musicians use the circle of fifths to find these keys and make similar charts to help with the modulation.
  • In music, pitch space is often modeled with helices or double helices, most often extending out of a circle such as the circle of fifths, so as to represent octave equivalency.
  • In the following table of musical scales in the circle of fifths, the Pythagorean comma is visible as the small interval between e.g.
  • The circle of fifths is a model of pitch space for the chromatic scale (chromatic circle), which considers nearness as the number of perfect fifths required to get from one note to another, rather than chromatic adjacency.

  • The presence of the 12-periodicity in the circle of fifths yields applications of elementary group theory in musical set theory.
  • There was a lessening of the influence of traditional views of the circle of fifths between the mid-1950s and the late 1970s, including less predominance for the dominant function.
  • The figure below shows all 12 relative major and minor keys, with major keys on the outside and minor keys on the inside arranged around the circle of fifths.
  • These contain either flats or sharps, but not both, and the different key signatures add flats or sharps according to the order shown in the circle of fifths.
  • The ground bass, if there is one, may typically descend stepwise from the tonic to the dominant pitch of the scale; the harmonies given to the upper parts may emphasize the circle of fifths or a derivative pattern thereof.

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