Translation for 'communicate' from English to Russian
VERB   to communicate | communicated | communicated
communicating | communicates
SYNO to commune | to communicate | to convey | ...
сообщать [уведомлять] [несов.]to communicate [share information]
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Usage Examples English
  • Māui dolphins use echolocation to navigate, communicate, and find their food.
  • Most wireless intercom systems communicate by radio waves using one of the frequencies allotted by various government agencies.
  • Religious life has always been mediated when people believe that séances communicate with spirits of the dead, prayers communicate with deities, icons establish connection to the heavenly saint, and sacred objects are facilitating interaction between human actors and the divine.
  • Applications are often classified according to how often their subtasks need to synchronize or communicate with each other.
  • H.323 endpoints use the RAS protocol to communicate with a gatekeeper. Likewise, gatekeepers use RAS to communicate with other gatekeepers.

  • Unlike otariids, true seals do not communicate by 'barking'. Instead, they communicate by slapping the water and grunting.
  • The "USFS Visual Signal Code" system provides symbols used to communicate from ground to air, while aircraft may use wing tilting, motor gunning or circling to communicate air-to-ground.
  • Finally, Notification Services can communicate with a wide variety of Microsoft, third-party, and custom-built event providers and delivery protocols, enabling Notification Services to communicate with existing systems in heterogeneous environments.
  • Since a Bracewell probe can communicate much faster, over shorter distances, and over large spans of time, it can communicate with alien cultures more efficiently than radio message exchange might.
  • OLE servers and clients communicate with system libraries using virtual function tables, or VTBLs.

  • Bell codes are used to communicate with adjacent signal boxes.
  • "Contactless smart cards" communicate with readers under protocols defined in the ISO/IEC 14443 standard.
  • They must find a common language to communicate in.
  • English is mostly used in the business sector mainly to communicate with foreign businesses. It is also used in the hospitality industry to communicate with tourists.
  • This approach would let mobile and other devices communicate without being turned on.

  • Elm uses an abstraction called ports to communicate with JavaScript. It allows values to flow in and out of Elm programs, making it possible to communicate between Elm and JavaScript.
  • In their research on willingness to communicate, MacIntyre et al.
  • Although bumblebees cannot apparently communicate resource location, it appears that foraging activation can communicate which floral species was particularly rewarding through scent, as the activated nestmates show preference for the odour brought home by the returning forager.
  • Comunico: Spanish for "I communicate myself". Focuses on the different ways people can communicate with each other, from spoken and sign language to radio, television and newspaper, helping to understand how each one of them works.
  • , which uses pictures to communicate meaning. The end goal is for the person to be able to communicate with others functionally.

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