Translation for 'community of plants' from English to Russian
растительное сообщество {с}
community of plants
Partial Matches
растения {мн}plants
голосемянные {мн} [Gymnospermae]
naked seed plants [also: naked-seed plants]
община {ж}community
сообщество {с}community
растительное сообщество {с}
plant community
общественные работы {мн}community service
[форма совместного съёма жилья несколькими независимыми людьми] {noun}flat-sharing community [Br.]
куча [+gen.] [разг.] [множество]plenty of
убедить в [+prep.] [сов.]to convince of
unverified наводя́щий на мы́сли (о)suggestive (of)
вместо {prep} [+gen.]instead of
конечно {adv}of course
из-за {prep} [+gen.]because of
ложка {ж} [+gen.]spoonful of
за пределами {adv}outside (of)
презумпция {ж} невиновности
presumption of innocence
психология {ж} религии
psychology of religion
философия {ж} математики
philosophy of mathematics
критика {ж} религии
criticism of religion
правовая философия {ж}
philosophy of law
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Usage Examples English
  • The community of plants and fungi so established constitutes the phytocoenosis of that ecotope.
  • The Wallumatta Nature Reserve is a small and critically endangered remnant of preserved bushland located at the corner of Twin and Cressy Roads, North Ryde, and is significant for being the largest remaining expanse of endangered Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest, which is an ecological community of plants unique to the Sydney bioregion.
  • Although the refuge was established to protect the snail and flower, an entire rare community of plants and animals is preserved on these sites.
  • The gorge supports a "Shale Cliff and Talus" community of plants, including three regionally rare species classified as threatened in New York State: Butterwort ("Pinguicula vulgaris"), birds-eye primrose ("Primula mistassinica") and yellow mountain saxifrage ("Saxifraga aizoides").
  • The unique nature of the ecological community at this site represents an opportunity to further study and understand this community of plants.

  • A wet heathland community of plants has re-established itself since that time.
  • It starves the plant of essential nutrients and water, and this fungus can navigate naturally through the soil to affect an entire healthy community of plants.
  • During storms the sea can wash over the island, and there is a shingle community of plants with tree mallow ("Lavatera arborea"), sea curled dock ("Rumex crispus littoreus") and "Atriplex" sp.
  • While the process may take years, an area that once hosted a community of plants and animals may change in your lifetime.
  • It is similar in meaning to a biotope; an area of uniform environmental conditions associated with a particular community of plants and animals.

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