Translation for 'comp' from English to Russian
NOUN   a comp | comps
VERB   to comp | comped | comped
comping | comps
SYNO comp | comprehensive | comprehensive examination
комп {м} [разг.]
comp [coll.] [short for: computer]
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Translation for 'comp' from English to Russian

comp [coll.] [short for: computer]
комп {м} [разг.]информ.
Usage Examples English
  • The Clipper Usenet newsgroups are comp.lang.clipper and comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects.
  • "Comp counters", "comp hustlers", or "comp wizards" try to maximize comps while minimizing expected losses.
  • In addition to official support, knowledgeable people, (often Sun employees), are regular visitors to the comp.unix.solaris, comp.sys.sun.hardware and comp.sys.sun.admin Usenet newsgroups.
  • This methodology considers individual store periods (such as weeks or months) and classifies these as either comp or non-comp.
  • Research on COMP led to mouse models of the pathology of MED.

  • answers" moderated newsgroups such as comp.answers, misc.answers and sci.answers for crossposting and collecting FAQ across respective comp.*, misc.*, sci.* newsgroups.
  • The "comp.*" hierarchy is a major class of newsgroups in Usenet, containing all newsgroups whose name begins with "comp.", organized hierarchically.
  • COMP sentences are referred to as such by Everett and Kern (1996) because their initial position is occupied by what they refer to as a COMP or complementizer word.
  • The Comp Air 3 is a small civil utility aircraft marketed in kit form by Comp Air.
  • New York's "landmark" workers' comp reforms created the Office of Workers' Compensation Fraud, an Inspector General, and a workers' compensation fraud unit at the State Insurance Department and elevated workers' comp fraud from a misdemeanor to a felony punishable by fines, restitution and incarceration.

  • Other circumstances around deferred comp. Most of the provisions around deferred comp are related to circumstances the employee's control (such as voluntary termination), however, deferred compensation often has a clause that says in the case of the employee's death or permanent disability, the plan will immediately vest and the employee (or estate) can get the money.
  • Usenet "comp.lang" hierarchy, especially comp.lang.c and comp.lang.c++ insisted on the same as of the 2010s.
  • The Comp-Nova is a compressor. Its connectors and controls consist of input and output, one on/off footswitch, and three knobs — "Comp.", "Level", and "Attack".
  • A comic drawn very much in the same way as "The Four Marys", this was set in a mixed-sex comprehensive school.
  • Harmor is equipped with various more traditional audio effects to alter its sound after partials have been computed.

  • Ross Williams gained his PhD in data compression from the University of Adelaide in 1991 and his thesis was subsequently published as "Adaptive Data Compression".
  • C-instructions direct the ALU computation engine and program flow control capabilities of the Hack computer.  The instruction syntax is defined by three fields, referred to as “comp”, “dest”, and “jump”.  The comp field is required in every C-instruction.  The C-instruction syntax is “dest=comp;jump”.  The “=” and “;” characters are used to delimit the fields of the instruction.  If the dest field is not used, the “=” character is omitted.  If the jump field is not used, the “;” character is omitted.
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