Translation for 'compare with' from English to Russian
сравнивать с [+instr.] [несов.]to compare with
Partial Matches
сравнивать [несов.]to compare
наносить [несов.] ущерб
to interfere with
unverified нарушать [несов.]to interfere with
не сдерживаясь {adv}with abandon
самозабвенно {adv}with abandon
{prep} [+instr.]with <w/>
с удовольствием {adv}with pleasure
встретиться [сов.]to meet (with)
соответствовать чему-л. [несов.]to correspond with sth.
флиртовать с кем-л. [несов.]to flirt with sb.
больно́й {м} алкоголи́змом
patient with alcoholism
кофе {м} с молоком
coffee with milk
в отношении {prep} [+gen.]with respect to
находиться в связи с [+instr.] [в определённом соотношении] [несов.]to correlate with / to
дрожать от волнения [несов.]to tremble with excitement
ладить [несов.]to get on (with)
относительно {prep} [+gen.]with regard to
справляться с чем-л. [несов.]to cope with sth.
относиться с пониманием к кому-л. [несов.]to sympathize with sb.
полный изумленияfilled with wonder
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Usage Examples English
  • A further objective was to provide dynamic response data at several key locations to compare with full scale data from the ongoing monitoring program, conducted by the Highways Department of Hong Kong.
  • state of the art in 3-D image description for movie creation is the Mental Ray scene description language designed at Mental Images and RenderMan Shading Language designed at Pixar (compare with simpler 3D fileformats such as VRML or APIs such as OpenGL and DirectX tailored for 3D hardware accelerators).
  • Since the ordering of siblings in a heap is not specified by the heap property, a single node's two children can be freely interchanged unless doing so violates the shape property (compare with treap).
  • Compare with Castor and Polydeuces (the Dioscuri) of Greece, and with Romulus and Remus of Rome.
  • Imaginary parts of the complex number "s" describe the oscillating behaviour (compare with the pork cycle, cobweb theorem, and phase shift between commodity price and supply offer) whereas real parts are responsible for representing the effect of compound interest (compare with damping).

  • The frost point is similar to the dew point in that it is the temperature to which a given parcel of humid air must be cooled, at constant atmospheric pressure, for water vapor to be deposited on a surface as ice crystals without undergoing the liquid phase (compare with sublimation).
  • In several countries of the European continent, such as France, prince can be an aristocratic title of someone having a high rank of nobility or as lord of a significant fief, but not ruling any actual territory and without any necessary link to the royal family, which makes it difficult to compare with the British system of royal princes.
  • Compare with a Walsh matrix, which is a non-localized 1/–1 matrix.
  • John Locke denied that the phrase "free will" made any sense (compare with theological noncognitivism, a similar stance on the existence of God).
  • These error rates are lower than those computed in fading channels, hence, are a good theoretical benchmark to compare with.

  • To gain insight in how spacetime coordinates measured by observers in different reference frames compare with each other, it is useful to work with a simplified setup with frames in a "standard configuration."
  • Lem said that since the success of Solidarność, and the collapse of the Soviet empire, he felt his wild dreams about the future could no longer compare with reality.
  • Blackmore meets such criticism by stating that memes compare with genes in this respect: that while a gene has no particular size, nor can we ascribe every phenotypic feature directly to a particular gene, it has value because it encapsulates that key unit of inherited expression subject to evolutionary pressures.
  • It was the first number to be proved transcendental without having been specifically constructed for this purpose (compare with Liouville number); the proof was given by Charles Hermite in 1873.
  • More modern designs have rangefinders coupled to the focusing mechanism so that the lens is focused correctly when the rangefinder images fuse; compare with the focusing screen in non-autofocus SLRs.

  • An EL film is a so-called Lambertian radiator: unlike with neon lamps, filament lamps, or LEDs, the brightness of the surface appears the same from all angles of view; electroluminescent light is not directional and therefore hard to compare with (thermal) light sources measured in lumens or lux.
  • Latin "tribus" is held to derive from the Proto-Indo-European compound *"tri-dʰh₁u/o-" ('rendered in three, tripartite division'; compare with Umbrian "trifu" 'trinity, district', Sanskrit "trídha" 'threefold').
  • Compare with the honorific particles in Japanese, e.g. [...] and [...].
  • 'to duck, bend down low as if to get under something, or dive', because of the way many species in the dabbling duck group feed by upending; compare with Dutch [...] and German [...] 'to dive'.
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