Translation for 'considering' from English to Russian
VERB   to consider | considered | considered
considering | considers
учитывая {prep} [+akk.]considering
учитывание {с}considering
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Translation for 'considering' from English to Russian

учитывая {prep} [+akk.]

учитывание {с}

Usage Examples English
  • This part consists of two monologues, one considering secular power, and one considering clerical power, over people's goods and thoughts.
  • The "vertex centroid" comes from considering the polygon as being empty but having equal masses at its vertices.
  • In characteristic other than 2, these are equivalent (in the presence of bilinearity), so this distinction doesn't arise when considering real or complex Lie algebras.
  • The name "Wati" tends to be used when considering the various varieties to be distinct languages, "Western Desert" when considering them dialects of a single language, or "Wati" as Wanman plus the Western Desert cluster.
  • Nifty Next 50 was launched on December 24, 1996 considering November 03, 1995 as base date and 1000 as base value while Nifty 50 was launched on April 22, 1996 considering November 03, 1995 as base date and 1000 as base value.

  • There are two complementary ways to view the modes: considering their possible transpositions, and considering the different modes contained within them.
  • Both Fennelly J and Denham J, after considering the case, allowed the appeal on the basis that the matter would be remitted to the High Court judge who was requested to apply an appropriate test for considering the risk to the appellant's rights if extradited.
  • Notes: The episode displays information on the suicide hotline for people who are considering or know people who are considering suicide.
  • The Grand Central Water Tower Midrand near Johannesburg in South Africa is an exceptional water tower, both considering its design as a concrete container in the shape of an inverted cone, and also considering the volume of the tower: 6500 m³.
  • 2. "Atmanomokshartham Jagat Hitayacha" - Endeavors should be made considering the well-being of the world too, while considering the (spiritual) well-being of oneself.

  • Pisaturo takes numerical examples based on two possible corrections to this equation: considering only future durations and considering only total durations.
  • Considering that self-reported health is a powerful predictor of mortality and considering its easy application, this subjective measure of health is often used in health research and large-scale surveys.
  • Scientists are also considering the use of magnetoencephalography (MEG) in future studies.
  • The presence of an ocean of mobile charge carriers has profound effects on the optical properties of metals, which can only be understood by considering the electrons as a "collective", rather than considering the states of individual electrons involved in more conventional covalent bonds.
  • In considering such concerns as warm water released into the Susquehanna River, and the release of low level radiation, the NRC acted properly under § 102(C) of the NEPA in considering environmental risks.

  • In 2022, Korean Air is considering ordering a new freighter to continue the support cargo demand worldwide. Chairman of Korean Air Walter Cho said KAL is considering 2 options and looking at both.
  • Analyses of the poem are divided between those considering it as a work of literature, and those considering its political and socio-religious intentions.
  • Generalisations of the theorem can be made to the non-smooth case by considering an appropriate generalisation of the combination [...] and to the non-proper case by considering cohomology with compact support.
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