Translation for 'conspicuously' from English to Russian
SYNO conspicuously | prominently
заметно {adv}conspicuously
ярко {adv} [заметно]conspicuously
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Translation for 'conspicuously' from English to Russian

заметно {adv}

ярко {adv} [заметно]
Usage Examples English
  • Other criticisms point out that these studies have been small scale, with conspicuously shallow participant pools and lopsided gender distributions.
  • This is a solitary territorial species, less conspicuously than true shrikes, especially when breeding. It forages on the ground for insects and other small prey.
  • He lists no composers in Hell, although several renowned composers (such as the notoriously wayward Jacob Obrecht) are conspicuously absent from his list.
  • Likewise, service contracts must fully, clearly, and conspicuously disclose their terms and conditions in simple and readily understood language.
  • Countries conspicuously absent were Spain, South Africa, the People's Republic of China, and many South American countries.

  • They eat mostly seeds and insects. They may feed conspicuously on the ground or in bushes, but singing males are often very elusive in treetops.
  • During the general election campaign, Conkling conspicuously avoided Garfield, declining the nominee’s invitations to meet.
  • Described as mischievous, moody, and conspicuously informal, Slate contributed humorous pieces to "Fortune", "The Atlantic Monthly", and "The Saturday Evening Post".
  • Though the young leaves are conspicuously spiny, spines are often entirely absent from the mature, adult leaves.
  • Týr, Höd, and Bragi are conspicuously absent from this list, one reason to believe it is not from Snorri's hand.

  • The operculum is very convex outside. It is green, suffused with bright reddish brown, and conspicuously granulose.
  • Traditional Korean medicine is used conspicuously in the treatment of patients, and around 30 percent of all given treatments are based on traditional methods.
  • The length of the forewings is about 23 mm. Adults are conspicuously coloured, with orange, dark brown and white patterns.
  • Adults have pale brown forewings, conspicuously marked with two triangles and a quadrilateral block in black along the costa.
  • (bilocular, like in subfamily Gomphrenoideae). In fruit, the tepals are never conspicuously modified.

  • On the surface, Pedro Álvares Cabral's 2nd Armada had been a failure and the reaction was conspicuously muted.
  • When national team coach Siggi Eyjólfsson named his Iceland squad for UEFA Women's Euro 2013 in June 2013, Edda was conspicuously absent from the list.
  • Leaf venation is prominent, the raised midrib, lateral and net veins are covered with brown hairs, standing out conspicuously. Veins brownish/orange or yellow in colour.
  • The midrib and lateral leaf veins are evident on both surfaces, conspicuously raised beneath. Twelve to sixteen net veins ending in a leaf tooth.
  • A small globular white shell, containing five whorls; very conspicuously and profoundly pitted between the rounded nodulous keels.

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