Translation for 'cuff' from English to Russian
NOUN   a cuff | cuffs
VERB   to cuff | cuffed | cuffed | cuffing | cuffs
SYNO cuff | handcuff | handlock | ...
манжет {м}
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Translation for 'cuff' from English to Russian

манжет {м}мед.одеж.
Usage Examples English
  • The SSB bursa is located deep to the deltoid muscle and the coracoacromial arch and extends laterally beyond the humeral attachment of the rotator cuff, anteriorly to overlie the intertubercular groove, medially to the acromioclavicular joint, and posteriorly over the rotator cuff.
  • Next use a blood pressure cuff to confirm the finding: Inflate the blood pressure cuff past systolic pressure and then slowly lower cuff pressure towards the systolic level.
  • In the Bundeswehr the cuff title are worn at the cuff on both sides. The cuff title for "Jagdgeschwader Mölders" was later withdrawn.
  • Cuff insignia consisted of four stripes, and a five-point naval star above.
  • Cuff insignia consisted of three stripes, and a five-point naval star above.

  • Other authors use simply "cuff" or "wing cuff".
  • The addition of an endotracheal tube cuff decreases the likelihood of selecting oversized breathing tubes for the patient, while also preventing microaspiration and the leakage of respiratory gases during intubation.
  • The size of the blood pressure cuff is determined by the size of the child’s arm or leg.
  • Quadrilateral space syndrome is a rotator cuff denervation syndrome in which the axillary nerve is compressed at the quadrilateral space of the rotator cuff.
  • The rotator cuff comprises four pennate muscles, the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor, and their accompanying tendons.

  • The uniform worn by officers of the Waterguard was identical to Royal Navy officers’ uniform with the exception of the cap badge (a crowned portcullis with flying chains), buttons (a crown rather than the fouled anchor) and the cuff rank lace (which only extended halfway round the cuff, rather than full cuff as in the Royal Navy (this possibly believed to be a WWII cost-cutting measure)).
  • Clinical outcome studies of rotator cuff tendon repair: rotator cuff tendon failure and repair, demonstration that cuff-tendon repair was a cost-effective procedure, that re-tears were common, and that muscle atrophy did not recover after tendon repair.
  • The rotator cuff in the shoulder is most susceptible to injury in swimmers.
  • Defects in the rotator cuff can come from an injury (cuff tear) or from degeneration (cuff wear).
  • From 1902, a complex system of markings with bars and loops in thin drab braid above the cuff (known irreverently as the asparagus bed) was used at first but this was replaced in the same year by a combination of narrow rings of worsted braid around the cuff, with the full-dress style shoulder badges on a three-pointed cuff flap.

  • The mechanism of speedcuff application is the same as other modern "swing through" handcuffs.
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